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Dali travels, bowl of curry chicken potato

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Material: Potato bowl 6, flesh of American potato bead, drumstick 150 grams condiment: Juice of pink of pink of curry, salt, flavour, candy, chicken, coco, flower is suckled
1, use defrost potato bowl lukewarm flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil of 180 ℃ oil 2 minutes first, scoop stand-by;
2, potato bead uses 180 ℃ deepfry 1 minute, scoop stand-by;
3, chicken cuts Xiaoding, join pink of salt, candy, flavour, unripe pink to mix all;
4, gallinaceous man fries heat, join on juice of pink of soup, curry, salt, flavour, candy, coco, beautiful grandma, fry heat again, divide the dish on potato bowl.
Shelled fresh shrimps of potato bead curry fries a meal
Material: Potato bead 100 grams, shelled fresh shrimps bead of heart of 50 grams, dish bead of 50 grams, ham plain cooked rice of seedling of 50 grams, silk 200 grams, egg
Condiment: Salt, gourmet powder, curry
1, potato bead is scooped 1 minute with 180 ℃ deepfry, bead of heart of shelled fresh shrimps, dish uses boiled water bright ripe stand-by;
2, fry the meal hot, join curry, egg and other data and salt, gourmet powder to fry shop front of bead of the dish on divide evenly, potato.
Potato bead palace keeps gallinaceous man
Material: Potato bead diced meat of 150 grams, drumstick is 150 grams, green melon bead 2 two, pignut 1 two, a few of garlic sprouts, chili
Condiment: Oil of gallinaceous pink, candy, salt, Chinese prickly ash, chili oil, sesame oil, bright fish sauce
1, mix pink of gallinaceous man, chicken, salt, unripe pink first all;
2, with 180 ℃ blast of bead of oil general potato is scooped 1 minute stand-by;
3, have pot with a few oil, fry gallinaceous man ripe hind, the potato bead with add flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil good fries divide evenly to be able to go up dish.

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