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Dali travels, the Bai nationality that prevents suffer from excessive internal h

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Enter midspring, because climate is dry, and as standard of living rise, the fat food of the get angry in food is more. The mouth after making person morning gets up very easily does dry cough of glossal dry, retch, and head profound a list of things unripe sore of acerbity, lip, be convenient to both is curt... the air temperature of each district also is in ceaseless and elevatory, fall summer heat, the job that prevents suffer from excessive internal heat also is placed on schedule.
Do not cross the white clansman of clever innovation, go up in this vital link, pass thousands of of hundred years contrive and research and development, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun is built went out to fall summer heat, the Bai nationality that prevents suffer from excessive internal heat 3 cold dish. Of course the Bai nationality of Dali of be not a patch on of these 3 cold dish 3 tea are famous, also can not be the reason of itself of these 3 dish, because,be they all the time folk of repose of ground of conceal one's identity, await the development that Fang Jiaming sorts, and it is to be able to encounter the sort of enrages civilian cure dead home remedy that cannot seek. As long as you are fine fine savour, a lot of philosophic theory of life, also resemble the Bai nationality in 3 tea " one suffering, 2 sweet, 3 aftertastes " euqally classical, same lasting appeal is profound, your person sense is sent like.
Specific the Bai nationality 3 cold dish are:
The first is: Chinese toon mixes bean curd.
"Sanded, sanded... " asperse a few rain during springtime, the old Chinese toon that the least bit pollution does not get in remote mountains of traverse mountain range is cultivated, wake. Blink kongfu, head Chinese toon grows figuration. Natural hothead, differ Na Xiangchun grows figuration, climb branch, collect next Chinese toon to come, the sterling bean curd that buys on 9 jins of cranes to celebrate person of loose laurel street to do again returns the home, iron that Chinese toon in scram water, full courtyard full village flying Chinese toon the decorous flavour of that faint scent. The decorous flavour of this faint scent induces person appetite, fetching saliva, somebody is in " thud Dong, thud Dong... " ground pharynx saliva, a twist in one's tongue ground asks: "The home is then whole eat Chinese toon to mix bean curd, pass how (dialectal: How) this kind early? How) this kind early??
Iron good Chinese toon, also bar bean curd in the water of the boiling hot in boiler again (this local character jargon: In a way boils boiled meaning) , take out cool cold, prepare condiments namely next. Like pink of pitted face, Chinese prickly ash, chili pink, fry face of face of soya bean face, earthnut, caoguo... , mix these condiments cut finely fine Chinese toon mixes together, again bean curd fine also fine ground uses hand crumb, the taste that presses everyone mixes be in, the Chinese toon that goes to the lavatory simply mixes bean curd with respect to make it. Put in the mouth to be tasted, nature is flavour of the sort of unforgettable all one's life Chinese toon faint scent.
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