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Auspicious cloud acid boils cereal to spend fastfood cate of the fish

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"Chun Litang pear is beautiful, xia Qiugu spends a fish, " every time deep Xia Qiu comes to auspicious cloud county post of city plain, Yunnan, He Dian, Mi Dian 4 dam child, can ground of very pleased with oneself tastes the fish of the acerbity Gu Hua that boil that enjoys beauty of lasting appeal spy.
"Cereal spends a fish " not be to point to some kind of fish alone, grow in the fish general term in rice field of summerly autumn water however. Paddy Hua Yingying waves sweet when, they also are in paddy in matured, fat one end, fleshy tender bone is soft. Right now, people needs to raise a color only plastic bucket, take sieve of bamboo of a green thin bamboo strip, a low bank of earth between fields of grass stepping on a turn child, strip off field a cut, as cropland water sift out, the flower of the oily yellow of the argent nacarat of that black color is not smooth autumn Gu Hua fish, it is in bolt healthy-looking and vivacious. Carry come home, rinse clean with deep well spring, in boiler decoct is gotten when two sides is brown, ready boiled water " soup of fierce anger mix into " , folk says " thunder rolls boiler " . Boiler of earth of hill Yi family expenses boils the red bayberry sauce that make to flavor to the south of, and assist produces green pepper silk with this locality, again in order to become paragraph green Chinese onion and finely coriander add color, mouth drooling with greed making a person. Because have only,in rainwater the year of bumper harvest of grain of abundant, paddy just may have cereal to spend a fish, because this samples,cereal spends a fish, sample namely actually the joyance of the bumper harvest.

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