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Dali cate: Papaya chicken

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Papaya is acerbity and goluptious, fall from intermediate spring flower strong begin, to mid-autumn things will be easily settled when conditions are O.K. , papaya can dip in candy, salt, sauce is eaten raw. Of maximum is to make licorice salt Chinese flowering quince or sweet juice Chinese flowering quince, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid relieve a cough, appetizing be good at lienal, extremely get old, medium, green reception. Papaya also uses bubble wine, have easy muscle, dispel the officinal effect of contraction of arrest of the wet, arteries and veins that divide muscle. Accordingly, county of dragon of Dali city cloud is taken, the acid that teems with with its is sweet goluptious papaya carbonado will prevent disease to treat a disease filling body, also use entertainment distance guest, for guest disappear exhausted recover from fatigue, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein be good at stomach.
The chicken that papaya chicken place uses, the young chicken that controls with 1500 grams surely is given priority to makings, after butcher leg wool is cleaned clean, behead is small, put the sesame oil that burns heat break up in boiler after frying, add salt to turn on the water boil to 7 maturity when, join husk the Chinese flowering quince that cut into shreds continues to burn to chicken crisp tender, pink of rejoin pepper, caoguo is become namely. Papaya chicken, acid of soup, flesh is sweet, flavour Qing Dynasty is pure, be without fat feeling, you make after feeding appetite is big, open system at ease.

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