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Dali woodcarving handicraft

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Dali woodcarving handicraft
The woodcarving technology of Dali area accompanies the mankind and arise, use extensively at housing, furniture to make taste with arts and crafts make in, have the effect of adornment and beautification. Among them with sword plain woodcarving is to be famous, sword plain is known as " the carpenter's countryside " .
Sword plain woodcarving can make ancient building and the decoration of carve patterns or designs on woodwork that occupy the home, like Buddha of niche of memorial tablet of door of lattice of dougong, lintel, window, grid, ancestor, cloister, figure of Buddha is in a poor light etc; Indoor furniture, wait like stool of altar of hall of campstool chair, old fashioned square table for eight people, visitor, tea table, bed; Civilian musical instrument, if bibcock is trichord the bibcock that go up is symphonious window; Every day object, be like pattern of bin, pen rack, tea tray, range (do pancake with) etc. Woodcarving content with flowers and plants, character, landscape and Long Fengji the design such as auspicious auspicious meaning is given priority to, also the immortal passes the subject matter of narrate, have commonly " eight saints go across the sea " , " Qing Shou of the Eight Immortals in the legend " etc. Woodcarving design has head of dragon of sweetgrass, grain, grain phoenix, lion, phoenix head, Yun Wen to wait, metabolic multiterminal, show originality and talent. In building adornment is big most distinctive is grid door, general with 4 fan or 6 are, park cloister audience hall and hall of visitor of the main hall that occupy the home, 2 wait to anaglyph of 4 hollow out. Content has " basis of riches and honour " (peony and cock) , "Magpie ascends a plum " , " paddle of an affectionate couple " , " white crane flying pine " , " Lu He is the same as spring " , " eight saints go across the sea " etc, carver is careful, layer upon layer hollow out, dimensional administrative levels is Anacreontic; Anaglyph and stereo carve are clever be in harmony.

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