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Gastrointestinal health topics: Beware of holiday travelers diarrhea, travel

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National Day Golden Week for October this year, the tourism potential "blowout" phenomenon, the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminded: The public should pay particular attention to good food hygiene to prevent "travelers diarrhea" occurred at the same time do dengue fever, foodborne diseases, the prevention of epidemic hemorrhagic fever. "Travelers diarrhea" is an infectious disease, the disease is mainly transmitted through consumption of contaminated food, infected people mainly tourists, in particular, a high incidence of short-term tourists. Dengue fever is a vector-borne infectious disease, patients are expressed as chills, fever, body temperature at 39 ℃ -40 ℃, with headache, orbital pain, joint pain and bone pain, face, neck, chest, flushing occurs, the skin there may be a rash. Foodborne disease is an infectious or toxic disease, except in clinical manifestations were fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal symptoms, but also can be expressed in the nervous system, circulatory system and other symptoms. Influenza A H1N1 Influenza is an acute respiratory infectious disease, major clinical manifestations similar to influenza with the common people, including fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache and so on. In addition, the epidemic hemorrhagic fever is a natural focus of diseases. The major clinical manifestations were fever, low blood pressure, small blood vessels and capillaries extensive body damage, kidney damage and so on. The public should rodent control, food security, prevention work. "October" Golden Week travel, vacation public travel in the tourist should pay attention to hygiene, attention to drinking water, clean water, food hygiene compliance of food, prevention of travelers diarrhea; in tourism to develop good personal hygiene practices should be , so that washing hands frequently, cough or sneeze with a tissue block the nose and mouth with tissue paper thrown into the trash after, the ground ventilation to keep indoor air circulation, prevention of influenza A H1N1 influenza; to Southeast Asia and other countries, or Dengue fever epidemic tourist should go to anti-mosquito work to do in case of tourists like diarrhea, dengue fever, influenza A H1N1 flu like symptoms, should be timely treatment. Experts also cautioned that people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and stomach and duodenal ulcer patients and other chronic diseases, except during the holiday season to keep the rhythm of life, prevention of disease recurrence, stroke and myocardial infarction, but might have some odd-odd capsules. Double odd is neither Chinese nor Western, is a high-tech microbial agents, only to kill harmful bacteria, do not kill beneficial bacteria, but also promote the growth of beneficial bacteria multiply, thereby enhancing the immune system, gastrointestinal tract, reaching The purpose of cure gastrointestinal diseases.
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