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Dali esteems holy temple

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"Er sea month mirrors Cang Shanxue, guan Feng is blown below close a flower " the true portraiture that is beautiful Dali, write down will cross Dali how many times, go Dali restores year old of Wen Ting rebuild, glad, do not live by Nai already yearning mood, it is suffer from bagatelle pesters a body only, cannot embark on a journey, until today spring we had favour to step a flower in March and go, come to Dali again, drive urgently go to Chong Shengsi, with wish.
In the gentleness of in a gentle and mild way, we were opened enjoy " south in gigantic Buddhist templeput on the brakes " the gate that the Dali Chong Shengsi that say fills clever air then, with period fine fine savour in former days the elegant demeanour of royal fane.
Walk into Chong Shengsi, we can't help be convinced by the layout place with its that majestic and grandiose, beautiful imposing manner. View and admire Chong Shengsi, need so that savour its solid historical culture inside information. Chong Shengsi is in period is Nanzhao ancient country, Dali ancient country namely royal country temple and politics teach a center, there ever was 9 Dalis state on the history king becomes a monk or nun here for the monk, the knight-errant famous book that needs in gold " day dragon 8 " the wording and purpose of what one writes, paragraph family name royal becomes a monk or nun " Tian Longsi " , with respect to the Chong Shengsi that is today.
Chong Shengsi only then build Yu Tang to open the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, the Christian era comes 713 years 741 years, experience acting extend, to country of acting Dali of the Song Dynasty period reached bump peak, have " base square 7 lis, for house 890, buddha eleven thousand four hundred honour, with copper forty thousand five hundred and fifty a dry measure used in former times, have 3 cabinet, 7 buildings, 9 halls, 100 a tall building " dimensions, enjoy " Buddha " beautiful praise.
Ceng Yiwu of temple high emperor weighs greatly implement famed at the world: 3 towers, Nanzhao builds copper of great bell, rain gold of avalokitesvara resembling, 3 emperor resembles, " Buddha " plaque. Today 5 weigh greatly implement put 3 towers only, and generation name temple " south in gigantic Buddhist templeput on the brakes " Chong Shengsi and another 4 weigh greatly implement all destroy the flames of war at past dynasties and natural disaster. Dali tourism group cost 182 million RMB to restore to rebuild 2005 Chong Shengsi, rebuilding Chong Shengsi, cover an area of 600 mus, le Feng answers according to Cang Shan on the west, er lake is overlooked east wave of 10 thousand bend, altitude 2199 meters, the stuff is 1136 meters long, north and south is 352 meters wide, floor area 20080 square metre, 1/6 what occupy floor area of archaic Chong Shengsi about, ask Chinese Buddhist association holy brightness Great Master is standing vice-chairman abbot is chaired.
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