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Dali ancient city of 600 years

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Winter goes to Gu Cheng " look " wind

Know firstDali, result from in the main two place: Gold needs novel middle emperor as form of a address for an official or rich man " one result pointing to a god " pointed out the clear far mystery of Nanzhao ancient country, fetching attack by surprise coils far is thought of; Go up century 60 time film " 5 gold are beautiful " "Butterfly springThe edge will encounter " , more willDaliScene sings great river north and south.

   DaliThe history is far-reaching, element has " document name state " good name. The culture of long history and bright, toDaliKept substantial cultural relic place of historic interest. And between jade Er Yincang, natural scene is beautiful much appearance, Cang ShanBe like screen, Er seaBe like lens, Butterfly springDeep deep and remote secretive, wind, flower, snow, month 4 old wonderful view, more willDaliBring to the ancient far times before 3000.

   DaliOrThe Bai nationalityground of main inhabit a region. Colorful folk-custom amorous feelings, "Tripartite one a screen wall facing the gate of a house " , " 4 add up to 5 courtyard " building distinguishing feature, sought Nanzhao ancient country to open one leaf to peep the window of secret for people.

Cold winter stealthily and to, just aboutDaliOf Gu Cheng " wind " most the season of hold up person...

Running water circles flower of street alley the four seasons to often leave

In state seat of governmentDaliCity, still give us prosperous and Bacchic sense, and arrivedDaliCity, it is of primitive simplicity however and peaceful. DaliThe structure of network of chessboard type pane since the road of the city zone of the city is maintaining bright Qing Dynasty up to now, inside the city by south to north, an ave is traversed among them, late market deep and remote alley, by arrive on the west east freely crisscross, the clear made of baked clay roofing of whole town all of one suit, the wall of cobble load one's writing with fancy phrases, showingDaliThe of primitive simplicity of the city and chic.

Cooling spring fromCang ShanIn inpour city, wear a street to circle alley, before passing a door. Raise a flower to plant tree, already becameDaliThe person's tradition and consuetudinary, they every garden that every a size differs, rareDaliHill camellia, azalea, all sorts of safflower greenery reach a wall outside, become repeatedly a beautiful alley, diffused whole town. Gu Cheng arrives first, move back and forth at ave lane, babble underwater acoustic and incessant Yu Er, if achieve is trichord. "Sound of domestic home running water, door door raise a flower busy " as expected deserve the reputations one enjoys.

Tripartite one a screen wall facing the gate of a house 4 add up to 5 courtyard

  DaliAncient city north of 23 kilometersZhou ChengIt is a dorp, whole village is living more than 1500
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