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Dali sends involuntary discharge of urine of disinter ancient capital to put

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Yunnan saves institute of cultural relic archaeology to be opposite respectivelyDaliRelics of city of baa of in relief Ju, Nanzhao too undertake with city relics rescue sex disentombs. Through 4 many lunar field disentombs, city of baa of in relief Ju came up out of land many vestigial with cultural relic, of these hangover come up out of land fill in history never the Yunnan of account culture of 500 years of ancient capital.

   DaliIt is our country one of famous cities of countrywide history culture that first announcing. From 2004 since the bottom, archaeology worker is rightDaliGu Cheng undertook rescue sex is dug. The main cultural relic that comes up out of land at present has: Big bright into change year make blue and white porcelain piece, yuan the pane grain Tao Pian of bright period, yuan the small terrine of bright period and Buddha are statuary statue finger incomplete etc. (Xie Qin)

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