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Cloud Long Wujing

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Day pool verve

In northwest of cloud dragon county group of peak bosom of 20 kilometers in, have a beautiful and peaceful downy fault lake -- day pool. The exterior of day pool resembles the person's ear, 1500 meters long, 1000 meters wide, ordinary depth of water 3 meters many, most in have 18 meters, surface accumulates nearly one square metre, altitude 2500 meters. Day pool is attracting numerous tourist with its distinctive natural scene.

Pool of day of according to legend andEr sea, the daughter that lake of sword lake, Zi green jade is snow mountain farther-in-law together, Er sea, what lake of sword lake, Zi green jade envies town is flourishing, marry respectivelyDali, source of sword plain, Er, have the green hill with brilliant be sentimentally attached to of the smallest pool of little sister day only, stay in peak of hill of green jade collect. Day pool is just like the girl with decorous and unruffled, free from vulgarity peaceful, lie freely between mountain forest, it is an organic whole with the immense forest be in harmony all round, comprise a beautiful landscape painting, make a person photographic. Day pool is like halcyon of a green again between Yun Tianzhi Yi Yi is born brightness, the spirit that is full of heaven and earth is angry, be in quiet in the harmony that reflects life, state of mind letting a person unceasingly.

Of day pool all around, have 100 thousand mus of dense virgin forest, it is Yunnan province in order to protect the provincial and natural groove guard of species of Yunnan Songyuan zoology, the tree such as tree of fir of oak of Na Song having the cloud, high mountain, hemlock, fir, ormosia, Nan, companion is the shrubbery such as unripe azalea, bamboo, secondary forest, advanced plant has 58 families more than 170 kinds, have " natural arboretum " good name. In virgin forest, have a lot of wild animal, dependency home one, 2 kinds of keys protect have more than 50 kinds, beasts has golden monkey of another name for Yunnan Province, grey leaf monkey, leopard, blackbear, goral, forest musk deer, lesser panda, civet; Avian golden pheasant of tragopan of pheasant of long end of aigret of carve having gold, white back, black neck, silver pheasant, red abdomen, white abdomen, gold-rimmed thrush, green culver, have " natural zoo " beautiful praise.

What the natural beauty of lakes and mountains of day pool follows the change of the four seasons and the four seasons is different and fluctuate. If spring, here is beautiful ocean, twitter is incessant Yu Er, spring in March, the azalea that overflow hill is red, mirror in water; If summer, here is green world, various mushroom are scattered in greenery, brushwood; If the autumn, here is the treasury of fructification, tian Gaoyun is weak, lake face settleclear Ming Rujing, greenery red autumnal leaves, mutual deck, again and again of branch great achievements; If in the winter, summit white snow is pure white, it is scene of one clique northland. Early morning, chao Wu waves in the wind here, bird mirth; Midday, here wave light is crystalline, arboreous and fresh and green; Towards evening, here is quiet and breathed, serene. If wet, hill color is cheated for nothing, qing Li is clinking. Of day pool beautiful the story in be like fokelore is euqally beautiful, it is the soul of whole big hill.
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