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Dali butterfly spring

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  Butterfly spring, inDaliCity north of 40 kilometersCang ShanBelow Yun Longfeng. Because long-term landscape erodes, arenaceous Shi Cheng piece, the tree on the hillside is exiguous. But when you slowgoing and uphill, make an appointment with half lis all right, see however green shade dazzling. Had walked along the Shi Fang of of primitive simplicity, have what make an appointment with 3 meters high together head onDaliMonument stands firm, tablet submits arris form, there is Guo Mei to be like personal letter on the right side of the front "Butterfly spring" 3 big character. Left exemple engraves Guo LaoyongButterfly springPoetic script; The reverse side of tablet, guest of book Xu glow swimsDaliButterfly springa paragraph of diary. Along Lin Yin the travel before canal is labyrinthian makes an appointment with 339 meters, see ancient tree is bristly only, thick cover day, a Qing Quan is embedded at meantime, the bottom spreads bluestone, spring is bright and limpid, constant somebody casts in metallic coin Yu Chi, watch its slowly come back fall, sunshine falls from the sieve that cultivate a top, pool bottom silver twinkles solely, clear example of times feeling spring. The place that the ground is apart from to arrange 23 rule by the side of the pool has one thick but of so big that one can just get one's arms around truncal, had extended a spring to go up, build by the pool have small, small sit unripe cool, ten cent quiet and beautiful.

Live the circular door after the spring, be ascended along Shi Jiepan and go up, become warped to newly-built 6 part " Wang Huiting " . Ascend booth far look: Gallinaceous Shan Feishi, summit arris severe tower loom; The foot of a hill is dug, the villatic building open country such as Shuang Lang dimly but differentiate; Er Shui Rujing; Go up in close, southHappy continent, smoke tree diffuses; Right before river end village, be like a Li Jian, insertEr sea. This looks at Hai Ting, it is to watch truly " the sea " good place.

   Butterfly springscene is beautiful, here annual butterfly will be more fetching. Every time spring at the beginning of end summer, the traditional Chinese calendar in April the middle ten days of a month, before monsoon did not arrive, field crops is reaped all round will, field is relatively sere and burning hot, opposite under, Butterfly springmore appear cool and refreshing and wet, also be the season that butterfly copulate lays eggs fitly at this moment, far and near was become here tens of in butterfly hands in joyous Elysium. Many butterfly, from far and near, the assemble falls in shade of a tree, in the flowers, have dance lightly, by tens of thousands colour butterfly, happy get-together is in, make here becomes bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration. Be in especiallyButterfly springOn, hang down down that the branch of surface, countless butterfly, biting rear only, form 100 thousand butterfly string, the person comes not Jing, lapidation does not come loose, make marvellous spectacle of exclamatory making a person. This wonderful view, drew the poem of countless magnificent, bright generation Yang Shen " butterfly play pearl is beautiful " one poem writes:
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