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Cover happinesses: Damask " does You Shi return grave family name?

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Oriental serenade " the brook drips water "
"The moon comes out to shine tearful, bright bark... bark... " the love story of the melody with a long time ago lingering and place depict, did not know to affect the heart of how many audience, this is known as " Oriental serenade " Yunnan folk song " the brook drips water " , can saying is widely known, but its birthplaceDaliThe Bai nationalityAutonomous prefecture cover crosses prefectural cover to happiness mountain area, known person is not much however.
Cover happinesses is cover crosses a county with south a mountain area of 30 much kilometer, all around group hill encircle, crisscross paths on a farmland. Famous article fills a street to be with respect to repose below the foot of a hill, both sides room abandons row upon row of, layer cascade is folded. Already lost the face of green flag street of burnish, forward between building of askew and mutual congested outspread, gave market opening, before a lively brook, like that stanch footstep. Set foot on the bridge floor of cement, a two booth building stands tall and upright in that end of the bridge, wrapping around together red silken a horizontal inscribed board is hanged above, submit a written statement to a higher authority " the brook drips water " 4 big character, knowing is to be in represent the view before, still be in the story that relates the past. Booth edge is establishing a clean Bai Qiang nearby, submit a written statement to a higher authority " pearl spring " , the wall falls to spit bead effervescent Qing Quan drips in trickling sluggishly shedding. Go to already was abandoned without the room forth again, flagging turns hill into the road, climb in the big hill that folds to layer cascade.
In former days, a train of horses carrying goods that north goes to comes south, postscript hill ford comes to this travel-stainedly to cover happiness not quite but however the dam of picturesque scenery child. Rising and falling horse ring is blown to Wen Cheng street by hill wind already, step in horse's hoof in smooth flag on the road, give out ringing noise while, the talking sound of a mixes accent also rang at the same time in not long small market. Equestrian inn boss and old customer are making call, equestrian boiler head and proprietress are in flirt, shop is small the 2 ground after before running, running are busy grass that hold a horse in the arms. Frisky reputation spreads all the time from Wen Cheng street in the field all around, disappear in deep dim light of night finally. A train of horses carrying goods is here go to bed of rest and reorganization, carrying goods north on the back to go up again south below. This batch of ability go to rise to arrive again then, greet send toward the development that accompanying Wen Cheng street all the time, till what step face of noisy flag street without a train of horses carrying goods again that day. Come how many years, the life that drives Ma Ren is doleful and as dry as a chip, be full of danger at the same time again. The elder brother driving a horse that youthful vital energy fills, with on the way charming and elegant village aunt little younger sister, do not know to had deduced the love story of how many be very worried about making a person.
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