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Culture " run-up " Dali

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  New China villageleap

This is one is destined won't the land of desolate.

In Yun Ling the earth still lies more than 1000 years when Nong Gengwen changes before, of foreign culture wave accidentally fallNew China villageThe farmer comes from inside the treatment mill that tastes to ethical handicraft skill is helped between field crisscross footpaths between fields, approve what skillful craftsman freelies brandish is aspersed to show end shedding drips as a batch the Le Yun that go out, become already here Yunnan is a batch the earliest in dense fog the folk of civilization of hunting handicraft industry " get the person that run " , be in casual a division of labor that realized handicraft industry and agriculture.

After historical metempsychosis of more than 1000 years, in government of provincial Party committee, provinceDaliThe Bai nationalityAutonomous prefecture is reform of system of complete province culture and culture industry to develop the period setting of pilot area to fall certainly, New China villageBe in " cultureDali" on domain deep bake in a pan fell to shine beautiful a argent. Culture system reform is a brand-new career. 2003, recieve orders to take the lead in having industry of culture of culture system reform, development in complete province pilotDaliCity appoint, state government leader, thinking repeatedly " how to liberate culture productivity, development culture productivity " in the process, deliver the view finally to the crane to celebrate a county when themNew China villageWhen, the god of good luck again presence this magical land. After this two years many, permissiveNew China village"Culture " the Yunnan of authority of development of travel resource whole and right of administration limited company of group of Cheng Xing trade, come to thousands of years to scatter in with the most contemporary economy gimmickNew China villageThe historical culture in clay enlivens comb, the promotion that pack, complementary with " Yunnan silver museum " , "The Bai nationalityCorridor " , "The Bai nationalityThis advocate bronze " wait for each real mark, New China village"Culture " rise. Already became China at present western the greatest ethical folk handicraft skill tastes distribution centre of product of manufacturing base, travelNew China villageThe osmosis in culture in be contaminated, need not increase resource to use up obtained higher additional cost, economy grows more intensive is changed, high value is changed, the villager people manufacturing handicraft can gain product sales revenue, the entrance ticket income that got sight-seer delivers travelling in manufacturing process, because large quantities of tourists are thick as hail and reduce greatly go out promote conduct propaganda to also make the recessive income with considerable brushstroke... again casual,
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