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Sanded brook ancient town

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On October 11, 2001, the century commemorates the gender builds foundation (WMF) announce in American new York, chinese Yunnan sanded brook (the temple is ascended) area is selected 101 worlds endangered building protected directory 2002, china is the same as this of selected directory have Lei Qie of · of Ou Hei Er of Great Wall, Shanghai pagoda of Christ of big the Qin Dynasty of synagogue, Shaanxi and abbey.

Sha Xi is located in Chinese Yunnan ministry of sword plain southwest, be located in river of dark blue of Jin Shajiang, billows, Angry river3 rivers shed nature to protect area southeast ministry, be located inDaliScenery scenic spot area andLi JiangBetween Gu Cheng, the Shi Baoshan with famed far and near is here. The small dam that Sha Xi is encircle of a green hill child. Here picturesque scenery, climate is delightful, products is cornucopian, ground of an outstanding personality is clever, river of black benefit of water system of river of billows dark blue comes by north south entire plain of vertical be linked together, gross area 287 square kilometre, dam area area 26 square kilometre, be withThe Bai nationalityGive priority to, chinese, Yi, The Lisu nationalityThe minority that resides in all occupies a dwelling place, be by people praise for " hill beauty, water beauty, dam child the countryside of the girl's beautiful, more beautiful an abundant place and singing and dancing " . Teem with beautiful fish, ground to join child, Song Rong, dance, collective dancing is like traditional a rattle stick used in folk dancing the person that pull, girl's beautiful singing, Gu Yun's long hole makes via Gu Le each coming in the ocean that the person of disappear brook is enmeshed in singing and dancing, shedding of for a long time does not return repeatedly.

Sha Xi is the chiliad ancient town with a long history, go up but restrospect to period of the Warring States of the 2400 many age year ago. Bury of barrow of hill of peak of a huge legendary turtle group, relics of Hua Congshan copper mine tells Sha Xi the east soundlessly us, BC 400 old, sha Xi formed the bronze smelt that is a center with Hei Huijiang to make base, sanded brook forefathers had higher bronze smelt technology in those day, make one of home of Yunnan bronze culture.

Tang Song period, sha Xi serves as Nanzhao, DaliThe country is ancient at that time on the road a ancient town, producing positive effect. Well-known buddhism is right Nanzhao, DaliThe country is affected very deep, make Nanzhao, DaliCulture led the nation rich religious color, and Sha Xi is at that time one of testimony that Buddhist culture transmits, churchyard sand ascends along the line of mountain of bell of Jing, stone to leave Nanzhao, DaliThe grotto of period cut shows the country best namely. It is that is to say when Tang Song period, sha Xi lies because of its Nanzhao, DaliThe country leads to grotto of hill of bell of Sha Dengjing, stone surely via this ground, it is Tang He economy of Tibetan regime in ancient China, culture communication is ancient on the road a overland dock and be in fashion for a period.
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