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Lake of green jade of Zi of Er source county

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Lake of Zi green jade is in Er source county northeast, be apart from a city 2 kilometers, famous Ning Hu, north has the operatic circle, gu Shan leans on the west, southwest is faced with dam child, surface 18 square kilometer, average depth of water 11 meters, the deepest 32 meters, it is one breaks fall laky, make an appointment with withEr seaThe corresponding period is formed. Water of lake of lake of Zi green jade is clear, the hydrophyte Zi green jade of the You Zhengui in the lake is beautiful, lake bottom hot spring forms the natural marvellous spectacle that spray cultivates, people ever said: "River of whose path Er 1000 get the better of condition, fountainhead here is clearer "

In the winter, water-cooling grass is withered, most forest already deciduous leaf is hibernant, bring about a lot of travel tourist attractions blank, only what lake of Zi green jade has red plum He Youlan to adorn a winter is bleak. Because lake of this Zi green jade was becomeDali, Li JiangTwo gale scene scenic spot Ou Dongchun is seasonal and collective excursive a tourist attraction, become a tourist to go back and forth between dot of station of convective midway board and lodging, travel

Hunan of Zi green jade is apart fromDali73 kilometers of city, north comesTreasure mountain of sword plain stoneBeauty spot 58 kilometers. North of the jade lake town that scene area includes seat of Er source town, Gong Wenquan holding sb in respectful awe, city 9 gaseous hot spring and area of area of lake of Zi green jade 8 square kilometer.

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