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Tower of Buddha graph temple

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Tower of Buddha graph temple, folk calls anguine bone tower, be located in next closing with north 3 kilometers, before temple of graph of former Buddha of village of level ground of suburb village sheep, because the temple gets a name.

Tower of Buddha graph temple only then build time to persuade abundant 祐 period for Nanzhao about, its modelling and 1000 search a tower identical.

Enchasing in the middle of tower bright 10 thousand all previous 3 years (the Christian era 1575) " repair Fotuda to write down again " tablet. The tower is connected 30.07 meters tall, air brick of type of close brim of 13 class square tower. Have two stage radical, pylon east to.

Tower square 4.5 meters, 4 walls are large 1.4 rice, hollow 1.3 meters.

Ground floor shows straight build by laying bricks or stones to 4, the 5th begins to chase a layer to receive cent. Double deck thing sets niche for a statue of Buddha, south, north sets certificate hole, with tower heart be well versed in, chase a layer to rise alternately. The sky inside tower, for cylindrical shell structure, direct to 12 class, pylon is quadrate hole door, lintel is made with crossbar on hole door, this is one of characteristics of ancient tower when Nanzhao.

When was being maintained in May 1981, come up out of land inside base of tower Buddhist templeput on the brakes 52 cultural relic such as avalokitesvara statue, come up out of land in pylon upside yuan of acting classics coil 47 years, provided objective data to study Buddhist art.

In January 1983, be announced to be cultural relic of the 2nd batch of provincial keys to protect an unit by government of Yunnan province people.

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