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Chong Shengsi 3 towers -- 1000 search a tower

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Chong Shengsi3 towersIn, before big tower is resided, renown 1000 search a tower, full name " law group connects Ling Mingdao to multiply a tower " .

1000 search a tower only then build Yu Nazhao to persuade abundant 祐 period (the Christian era 824 years - 859 years) .

The tower is 69.13 meters tall, for air brick of type of close brim of 16 class square tower.

There is three-layer station below base, lower levels is 50 meters senior, wide (east, on the west) 30 meters, 4 meters tall; Middle-level square 30 meters, 1.2 meters tall, have baluster on four sides; Superstratum brick build by laying bricks or stones needs cover, square 20 meters, 2 meters tall.

Tower square 10 meters, 4 walls are large 3.3 meters, hollow 3.3 meters, pit shaft state is become for nothing inside.

Reach 14 from ground floor, use 24 × of 48 × 5 centimeters Ding Shunping pave builds a brick, outer 12 centimeters taller than lining; 14 above are sincere, axis of Buddhist templeput on the brakes is installed in.

Tower eliminates lower level 13.45 meters tall outside, upgrade is reduced each layers stage by stage highly, width also contracts gradually; Every use acerbity step of bricky 12-14 cascade between the layer brim giving a tower, brim is 1.2 meters wide, streamline body is formed outside its.

Each tower all sides chases class crisscross build by laying bricks or stones to give the certificate hole with relative position 2 aperture, two side build by laying bricks or stones gives shallow niche for a statue of Buddha tower of booth cabinet form, have inDaliStone Sanskrit notes tablet, each niche places stone carving Buddha, Bodhisattva resembling, exist now 19 human body.

Tower coping has a diameter 2.28 meters Fu boiler, have octagon law annulus grain is acted the role of, the tower check that boiler above has lid of Yang Lian, photograph annulus, double round gem to reach blaze bead to comprise.

Tower Buddhist templeput on the brakes was destroyed when the earthquake 1952.

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