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Too with city relics

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Too be located in with city relicsDaliThe 7.5 kilometers austral Gucheng, Cang ShanBuddha peak the foot of mountain, too take with the village.

Too with the city lean on the west arduousCang Shan, backwash billow faces eastEr sea, build only south, north two city walls.

South city wall eastwards outspread extremely Er bank village, 3350 meters long; Boreal city wall is northeast winding toEr seaBank, 3225 meters long, still put wall of decadent of a few cut to break a wall nowadays.

Tamper builds incomplete wall radical is 4 meters wide - 5 meters, 2 meters tall - 4 meters, whole town area makes an appointment with 3 square kilometer.

Too and small town still has been established inside the city -- King Kong city and Nanzhao are away for the summer holidays palace.

In March 1997 - in April, institute of Yunnan province archaeology is right too undertake with city relics exploration is investigated, so that master too the deploy of the limits with the city and King Kong city.

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