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Meaning random affection confuses butterfly spring

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Had goneDaliperson, won't forget probablyDaliGoodButterfly spring. No less than is all the love story of chilly beauty is same, Butterfly springCirculating the story of a body of for love be buried alive with the dead: Aunt of Gu female Wen and hunter glow man love each other, but aunt of Wen of covet of local local tyrant, persecute Xia Lang, final in pairs jumps intoButterfly spring, changed a pair of big butterfly, year answer a year, be in indefatigablyButterfly springFlutter on, eulogizing Wen aunt and glow man faithful not the love of change. The love of in the world is so similar, although we arrive again nowButterfly spring, still can not see the big butterfly that has dance lightly certainly, the affection that is this kind of fidelity only was pursued for people place 100000.

   Butterfly springBe located inDaliCityCang ShanCloud of the first peak gets peak the foot of mountain. From next closing by the car, along another name for Yunnan Province Tibetan highway north goes 30 kilometer, the car is left have a greet of antique stone memorial archway, memorial archway submit a written statement to a higher authority "Butterfly spring" 3 big character, if swim,be Guo MeiDaliThe one's writing or painting that keeps when. Arrive from memorial archwayButterfly springBy the side of, have 100 meters about. Fontal pool counts square of a unit of length, use all roundDaliStone build by laying bricks or stones is become protect column. Spring water is clear see an end, one string strings together argent bleb, flush slowly in Sha Shi oneself, bone toots toot appears surface, extensive removes every piece spray. This spring is gottenCang ShanChange Xue Zhigong, not only water measures stability, water quality is very good also. The variety that lucky word still can see that is incomputable butterfly, from silk tree, hang only only, must hook repeatedly sufficient, the knot grows string, hang down all the time surface, this isButterfly springPeculiar " butterfly scoops up a moon " marvellous spectacle.  

BesidesButterfly spring, DaliMore with one paragraphWind,flowers,snow and moonstory look is being accompanied. People is familiarDaliParagraph family name Huang Chao, one is become in Jin Yong's novel child the condition that affection deep desire cuts is crazy familial, paragraph of king father that included to become one lamp master, lover is numerous it is affection of the Duan Zhengchun of body of be buried alive with the dead, be passionately devoted paragraph praise etc, love beauty not to love country only entirely, say to go up in Chinese traditional idea alien. Though the story in the novel cannot be taken seriously, because circulate too widely,can be, yourDalione hill one water, one grass one wood appears accumulate containing fund fund deep feeling. Then, DaliCang Shan, Er sea, Jade dragon snow mountain
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