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Dali of wind,flowers,snow and moon 3 towers

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Ancient tower of China has everywhere, but glyph of finished product of 3 ancient towers stands tall and upright together however amount to is few. Dali3 towersIt is with this famed China and foreign countries.

   Dali3 towersInDaliCity on the west of outskirtEr seabank, it is one part of Chong Shengsi formerly, show a temple to already was not had put, tower however still stand erect as before. 1925DaliThe area produces earth shake, building of city inside and outside collapses entirely almost, but be apart fromDaliThe city has 1 unit of distance only3 towers, safe and sound however.

Big tower renown 1000 search a tower, 69.13 meters tall, it is the bricky tower of a type of square close brim, share 16, tower of small wild goose of modelling and Xi'an is similar, for one of tower type of Tang Dynasty model. Tower heart is hollow, there is well glyph stair in ancient time, can offer person ascend. Cat head has the Jin Peng bird of casting of a copper each quadrilateral, fabulous in order to is suppressedEr seaMedium water sprite water is strange. Look at eastwards from cat head, Er seaWonderful scenery all enters eye ground. Stair is bad already now, tourist already cannot enter cat head. Set on a screen wall facing the gate of a house before the tower haveDaliStone engraves " to always press down " of mountains and rivers-land 4 words, form of a written or printed character is vigrous and strong. Schism is in big tower of two side south, north two turret, it is a pair of octagonal brick towers. 3 towersOne integrated mass, imposing manner is grand, have the ethical color of of primitive simplicity.

About3 towersbuild time, the argument is quite much, general and accepted 1000 search a tower to be built at country of Tang Dynasty Nanzhao period. It is before a few years when long tower, take the timber inside the tower to undertake carbolic sex radiates time determines, the time that builds a tower far Yu Tang is acting, but build with respect to its3 towerseconomic base and technical condition look, in Nanzhao evening only Qi Yao opens year after year square likely. South, north 2 towers are in big tower hind of foster cordial relations between countries is added repair, build at the Song Dynasty about when badge an administrative unit in Xizang.

As a result of3 towersHave very tall history, science and artistic value. Maintained 19753 towersWhen, tear open the patch block of the 1000 appearance that search a tower, be in again of tower concealment place added steel bind round, to interstitial fill grout, make ancient tower gets consolidate, repair tower Buddhist templeput on the brakes, make it restored the former appearance before bright generation.

Travel directory: 3 towersBe apart fromDaliThe Bai nationality13 kilometers of city close below autonomous prefecture metropolis, can take a bus to head for.

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