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Museum of autonomous prefecture of Dali the Bai nationality

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  DaliThe Bai nationalityAutonomous prefecture museum is located inDaliRoad of Henan of the Guan Er below city 8, only then built 1986, it is Yunnan saves the city of the first home building to establish museum.

This house covers an area of a face to accumulate 50 mus, this house gross area 8800 square metre, showpiece planar area 4600 square metre, afforest area 14000 square metre, 4/5 what communal space occupies gross area, accord with current world's new-style design standard completely. Structure composition used symmetrical form, in axial on-line gate, stone arch bridge, sitting room, a screen wall facing the gate of a house and central exhibition hall when, with a high building grandiose and Dian Yu's pattern, grand imposing manner is revealed with each be linked together with a covered corridor or walk between the courtyard. Housing materials and adornment gimmick are pressed basicallyThe Bai nationalityCivilian conventional technology will ask, highlighted rich local people color. Whole build group of one integrated mass, with all around Gong Ying of pines and cypresses of verdant green, greenery hands in photograph reflect, itself is giantThe Bai nationalityBuild artistic landscape.

   DaliThe area is having 4000 old culture history. Tang Song two generation, ever had built early or late here Nanzhao andDaliCountry dynasty of two acting places, it is Han Tang since the hub region of southern the Silk Road. WithThe Bai nationalityBe autonomic nationDaliPeople of city every nationality is in from of old Central Plains is advanced of culture feed next founding from already civilization history. All previous late culture is accumulated very rich, the national step that already announced up to now and unit of protection of cultural relic of key of class of provincial county town amount to 266 in all, it is the whole nation the autonomous prefecture with cultural relic most historic site is had in 30 minority autonomous prefecture, also be country and province have archaeology and disentombed key area.

   DaliCity museum is NanzhaoDaliThe historical cultural relic of period attachs most importance to the country dot. Give priority to body with bronze, pottery and porcelain and lapidarian art, withThe Bai nationalityEthical folk-custom is the local integrated museum of characteristic; YesDaliThe Bai nationalityAutonomous prefecture is engaged in cultural relic investigation, disentomb, collect, collect, reveal, the central orgnaization of research. Build a house only 10 old, but holding already took shape, have etc of historical cultural relic, nation cultural relic, revolution cultural relic in all data andDaliThe Tibet such as stone high-quality goods tastes more than 7000, it is the rare world curiosity that this house has alone not less among them, of the deadline when be like the Warring StatesDaliAxe of copper of design of grain of Shi Fan of timbal, serials bells, casting, horse, the paddy field model that the Western Han Dynasty takes the place of to advance, Tao Wu, Tao Ren, Tao Ma and all sorts of inscription implement, nanzhao
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