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Dali natural bridge

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About the antecedents of natural bridge, having a paragraph of moving fokelore. According to legend a long time ago, DaliThere is a big Hei Long in lake, because lost gown of a treasure, under one anger, jam the sea end of Er source rise. Er seaWater level jumps over Zhang Yue tall, destroyed a lot of rural rooms to abandon, people cry from hunger and cold. At this moment, the son that has a woman of the Bai nationality volunteers, original intention rids the people of the evil into the sea. His head wears cupreous bibcock, hands or feet is covered on iron claw, there is a sharp knife in the mouth, the ligature on the back wears 3, one still is taken each in two hands. Jump jumps toward sea mile, turned a Xiaohuang into dragon unexpectedly. Small yellow Long Ping is worn oneself big Zhi Dayong, fought 3 days of 3 night to death in sea mile and fierce and cruel big Hei Longshu, eventually surrender big Hei Long. Big Hei Long nowhere can escape, got a hole to escape to river of billows dark blue from the big Shi Yan below river wind temple. This grotto is the hole collecting water below current natural bridge.

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