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Dali general hole

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In the dotCang ShanBelow setting sun peak, have all the year round the temple that pilgrim is like the cloud, the banyan with before temple one huge individual plant ases if to confirm the vicissitudes of life that this temple experiences to people, this isDaliFamous excursion area general hole. General hole ever had an abysmal grotto before in early, as natural changes, people already cannot be found nowadays in those days grotto, but the flying waterfall on cliff of that burning incense of ancient temple, high and steep however all the time all the year round ceaseless.

General hole has general temple because of building and get a name. General temple isThe Bai nationalityThis advocate temple, this advocate the god is the Christian era 754 years the Tang Jiang plum of the be killed in battle in Tang Tianbao war is tranquil. Here scenery beautiful, environment is deep and serene, be in nowadays temple all around builtCang ShanPark, flowers of extensive plant forest, it is to fall involve a view scenic spot area. Mill having rock is built before general temple, on quarter " setting sun wonderful scenery " 4 big character, the suspension on front door is worn " Tang Li's fair temple " problem plaque, temple 3 into. Periphery builds the summer house that has of primitive simplicity and a covered corridor or walk, again but next bird's eye closing panoramic; Booth cabinet upper part a chute hangs down have diarrhoea and below, the spring of Chan Chan surrounds temple all around.

General hole is apart fromDaliThe one place with closer urban district tourist attraction, from next closing old city crosses dragon end to close ascend the stairs, can arrive 40 minutes month.

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