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Dali sword plain stone kiln

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  Treasure mountain of sword plain stoneBe located in southwest of sword plain county 25 kilometers place, because the red sand stone on hill becomes crackle of shape of curvature of the spinal column, if lion is like an elephant to resemble a bell, get the name of stone treasure.

The grotto between Song Nian of Yu Tang of the cut in hill, enjoy " southwest Dunhuang " beautiful praise, protect an unit for national emphasis cultural relic. These artistic gem have: 17 carve careful, figure vivid, content the grotto with rich color of people of distinctive, place. These grotto distributing to close in stone bell temple of Shi Baoshan, lion, Sha Dengqing 3 place, be continuous the region of 67 kilometers, make an appointment with statue 140 human body.

Grotto place chooses fine slave patrol, cabinet Mou Xin of patrol phoenix, different country of 3 acting Nanzhao advocate, it is 3 have representative person extremely. Pass through these figure, reflected Nanzhao generation history. Curiosa of art of its since Nanzhao, also be the ethical historical data of riches and honour, study the politics of Nanzhao, military affairs, culture for later generations, down to dress, fashion provided valuable data.

It is lifelike religious character next. Statuary in grotto most, it is religious character. If avalokitesvara, A is difficult, king of weather of king of king of Jia leaf, Wen Shu, Pu Xian, 8 names, much Wen Tian, growth is waited a moment. These figure, carve mostly careful, image is dramatic each individualize. Be like, it is avalokitesvara together, in the at hand of sculptor, figure each are not identical: Avalokitesvara of face having all, manna avalokitesvara, fine waist avalokitesvara is waited a moment.

The optimal time that travels to Shi Baoshan is the traditional Chinese calendar in July end at the beginning of August, annual traditional song can make a person enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

Sword plain is apart fromKunming499 kilometers, DaliCar passenger station has the Wang Jianchuan before regular bus.

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