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Dali avalokitesvara cabinet

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Avalokitesvara cabinet, be located inEr seaOn summit of south of hill of case of jade of the eastern side. The road that leads to avalokitesvara cabinet is very steep, avalokitesvara base is revealed in turning protruding tens of measure are expensive block a wall straight. This blocks a wall to use the of great capacity completely east build by laying bricks or stones of 5 stone " becomes the famous " that shows cube. Avalokitesvara cabinet issues two on cent, useThe Bai nationalityThe booth cabinet building of civilian tradition is formed. Double foot dish the music, avalokitesvara that sits up at lotus throne resembles, model child Yan Shenghui of the 2nd layer, jade, Ci Mei but person. Here burning incense very flourishing, annualLink divisionPolymerization comes before having the v/arc one who owns a boat and makes a living as a boatman that comes from around each village more, kowtow do obeisance to avalokitesvara. The corridor with the upstair place with avalokitesvara the most excellent cabinet. Here, can look at the harbour between village of exposed to the sun and tower village eastwards, na Rulin's sail masts, resemble branch branch gigantic pen, Er seaThe actual strength on fishing home water and bold and generous feelings. Face about to on the west, see briny Dan Dan. Wave light sparkles, bai Fan is nodded, gull bird group, whole building suddenly is like float Yu Haixin. It lives to fly to maritime sail Lai elfland namely.

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