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Dali Zhuhai Eden

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Leaving department of east of Shanhaiguan, 1000 just blue waves is linked together, east atEr seaPark depend on each other, yao is right silver-colored dark green 19 peaks, built 1991, area 144 mus. This location Tang Dynasty raises the Yuan Pu that the deer huntings for maintain a road of Nanzhao royal family, be in when gent at the beginning of Qing Dynasty second see Zhuhai cabinet, from this, have Zhuhai good name.

Zhuhai Eden is gardens type construction, the gate belongs to a modelThe Bai nationalityTraditional style, vulture dragon is drawn phoenix, elegance is pretty, it is into the doorThe Bai nationalityA screen wall facing the gate of a house. Daylight of shadow of waterside pavilion of cabinet of bamboo of azurite of the hill inside garden, booth, tower, Fang Cao is like mattress, spend in full bloom in vain. Artificial lake all around corridor Wu surrounds, embankment 9 turn 10 times, branch of weeping willow Qiu, thick cover day, stage of the arch bridge in the lake, isle, booth, a covered corridor or walk is strewn at random and chic, make a beautiful and attractive picture. Here tourist the four seasons is ceaseless, on lake face, touch touch boat, motorboat you come my go toing, oar of red male green female wave delimits boat, swing gently to cultivate an image at the flowers in, photograph of sweethearts in pairs carries ramble, pour words from one's heart, overlook of tourist of Chinese ink guestCang ShanEr sea, the Shan Guangshui that criticize an aspect is lubricious, or ask common chat cheerfully Bai Xiang, or small to drinking rest, happy and pleased with oneself. There is the miniascape garden of a variety of colour on, flowers of meantime the four seasons, root carve miniascape, blue chrysanthemum is exhibited,

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