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Dali ancient country leaves treasure

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The Tang Dynasty between Tian Baonian, nanzhao destroys, buy develop east the section is spent make. The Christian era 763 years of winters, make one's rounds of Nanzhao Wang Dong, arrive todayKunming, see this place " the land of country in order to make Fan Bing, plain land can raise people " , at 765 years spring, feng Ga different is in life cornstalkKunmingBuild develop east city, "Reside 2 billabong (second Yu Nazhao king) Zun Zhenfu " , arrive since " deterrence pace head (build water, Meng Ziyi to take today) favour closeQu Jing" action. (See " south billabong moralization tablet " ) the Christian era 781 years, search cabinet to persuade to change develop east the explain that it is Shan, say again ever since " on " , " Tokyo " . Billabong king often comes here to live south. DaliCountry period photograph edge, with guard of photograph country tall family name. Every nationality people created bright culture jointly here, develop east ancient, namely among them one of.

This ancient, it is formerly in the ground Tibet temple of golden juice riverside, friend name ground hides temple classics. The temple is abandoned early, classics in also burying earth partly, discovered 1919, via rebuilding, add iron column, build lane door, monarch is a park, and with ancient name. Because of ancient time this ground is develop east city, existent develop east road, reason often breathes out " develop east ancient " .

For square awl shape, 7 stone carving. Make an appointment with high 7. 5 meters, base is octagonal huge rock, lotus flower is cut on the edge; There is boundary stone or tablet between layer and layer, since the Gai Yan of this layer, it is the cornerstone of superstratum. There all is sculpture on boundary stone edge. By next upgrade, each circumstance is: Base form of the beat that it is a circle, zhou Diao 8 dragon, two dragon are a group, pan Zhu plays form " 2 dragon grab treasure " voice.

Ground floor, 4 days of big king resemble vulture, image height makes an appointment with a meter many, wrap around armour wears Yo, hand hold axe tomahawk, majesty is grave. 3 people are sufficient slave stepping ghost. Muscle of one ghost slave is cruel case, the right hand pulls a serpent. Anguine mouth is touching ghost slave to issue hungry palate; Additional 2 ghost slave wears fetters. One deity you 3 people, intermediate one person holds day of Wang Yi in the palm each with both hands sufficient. Quarter Sanskrit sutra is alled over between day king.

The 2nd, sit for 4 gods picture, each have expression; Garment skirt apophysis, muscles and joints-vital links in a speech or essay finishs now, extremely rich stereo sense.
three-layer, vulture circles add to sit picture 4 honour, take a group to reach a term applied to a kindhearted person like each carve Buddha between. The person that know calls in for much arm avalokitesvara, bodhisattva hides for the ground south. Face of each god Buddha is sweet, sculpture is careful, modelling is beautiful.
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