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Dali park of 3 towers inverted image

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InDali1 kilometer another name for Yunnan Province hides ancient city northwest highway on the west 200 meters of place, boreal Xiang Na, back esteems holy temple3 towers, the Tan Shui inside one circle can inverted image3 towersHeroic posture gets a name, build at 80 time. Park floor area 7 mus, the center shows elliptic pool for many mus 10. Silver-colored birch of pool edge extensive plant, cedar, weeping willow, Lu Tong, flowers... all around have arbor, DaliStone desk stool, DaliStone grows column, brook circles a pool. Side has pool on the west of the left and right sides that get riceDaliTablet booth, cross rice of linage of corridor of booth edge music, can amount to the overflow wave booth in water. Booth is 6 horn, carved beams and painted rafters, booth column is vermilion, with reflect of photograph of blue sky of green jade water, relaxed and happy making a person. Overflow has one isle to wave booth, the model on the island has a pair of lifelike white crane, the inverted image in water, the person moves a shadow to move to well balanced with overflow wave set each other off becomes an interest.

Park southwest ministry, extensive plant the beautiful flowers and grass such as laurel of all sorts of camellia, remote, cuckoo, make the garden in garden. Park alley all is usedDaliStone is spread, roadside liver mosses is green if catch, full garden greenery is shady, cool and refreshing and frank, warbler warbler cries.

What inverted image park has a characteristic most is pool water verdure is like jade, clear see an end, billow not Jing, ping Rujing, 403 towersInverted image clarity, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person. Point of view is different, inverted image configuration also subsequently each different, it is to photograph3 towersOptimal place. In winter, wholeCang ShanBecause install element to wrap, 3 towersInverted image is more beautiful and attractive. Polished of acting Yang Bing of Qing Dynasty of no less than "3 towersInverted image " place 贊 " Buddha is gotten the better of start without exception central scroll, 3 towersLin Lin puts light oneself. Inverted image of coil of lake of dark green the foot of mountain, photograph of the unreal in this says empty king. "

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