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Dali China first

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  Gallinaceous sufficient hillChina first, not only because of distinct strange, risk famed inside and outside, because,return according to legend it is Sakyamuni one of 10 big child Jia Xie Shouyi is entered calm (namely sit in meditation joins deep meditation) place, so it is in whole completeGallinaceous sufficient hillEnjoy decisive status, be called by buddhism " China the first " .

China the natural bluff that first are southwest of Tian Zhufeng of summit of chicken feather sufficient summit, straightforward if cut, abyss is faced below, wanre is set on precipice on enchasing door of a big stone. China first 40 meters tall, 20 meters wide, cliff of upside circle stone gives nearly 3 meters, there is a stone that next perpendicular cracking to seam among piece, it is cliff cent two, "The door " in seam the stone with pensile roughly equal distance, this is " a stone dumbbell in the form of an old-fashioned padlock " , brim mouth, lintel is clear but differentiate, be exactly like the stone door with one equal be sanctimonious, tourist so far, admire view cliff Wei Ya is straight rub canopy, simian a kind of monkey mentioned in ancient literature is climbed hard, tumbledown; Look down at glen deep gully, dimly discernible of cloud and mist, do not see an end greatly, be like buy 9 clouds. The experienced and knowledgeable generation Mingshi such as bonze of Xu glow guest, Yang Shengan, Li Yuan, blunder, Xuyun bonze comes to here, acclaim as the peak of perfection of all without exception, stayed about China many first beautiful line, here " double Que Gao is dangerous, fill in in one bolus, the cover that admire is tall, those who look is endless " .

Say as it is said, earthen bowl of the golden detailed cassock of the Sakyamuni side Jia Xie Chi, jar arrives China first are entered calm, the ability when awaiting prospective Buddha Maitreya to be born opens the door to legacy of his inheritance Budda, so China first won't be opened easily. China first have golden pheasant spring to the door (call eye ointment or eyedrops the spring again) , leaf of Jia of according to legend is entered time and prentice drive not as good as, stone door already shut, in this cry bitterly, get together the tear becomes a spring, common passes this spring to be able to treat eye disease, a few person that have an ill make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain often come here to wash an eye with spring. China first north end, name having a spring suffers note a spring, the person that Buddhist fokelore is Jia Xie Zun suffers mark the point that it is a monk.

China first commanding, xia Qiuzhi border, far valley thunderstorm blows hard, here however fine day high above in the sky, thunder, show lightning light to be transmitted from far, after this be rebuffed. Echo reflex, eaves of sonic boom extensive region, empty Gu Liuyin, be called " Hua Shouqing thunder " , yesGallinaceous sufficient hill"One of 8 scene " .

China first before, have two turret, call " drink light double tower " , because Jia Xie You says " drink smooth Buddha " and get a name. According to bright generation Li Yuanyang is compiled " Jia Jing
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