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Chute of Dali jade dragon

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Jade dragon chute isGallinaceous sufficient hillone nature landscape, rankGallinaceous sufficient hillOne of 8 great respect. It is located in temple wishing emperor with on the west in the gorge of half lis Yao. North faces Mou Nian. When the tourist crosses a brook to wear Lin Di to amount to jade dragon chute, its body always sees after Wen Jisheng first. On the ridge that watchs chute stand far apart facing each other with Yu Long, build since ancient times have the booth that watch waterfall. The view chute booth that tourist place sees now was built afresh 1990. In watching chute, can the complete picture that ground of take in everything in a glance sees jade dragon fall.

Jade dragon chute is chute of a bluff, fall has more than meters 60, fromGallinaceous sufficient hillTian Zhufeng unloads the brook water that close Lin Zhonghui gets together and comes, decline abruptly on bluff, formed " Bai Lianyong is dangerous " beautiful scenery, give out water stone photograph to attack in cereal bottom at the same time in the echo. In scene of Yu Hu of tourist place oneself, had be toed move to allow by the place of magical good luck of nature. The tourist that has interest is OK still leave fall from class of stone of edge of the booth that watch waterfall, can admire " galactic sky falls " another kind of beautiful scenery.

Saying path, terrestrial beautiful scenery is little not fabulous story will grace. Jade dragon chute also is the fabulous story that has a beauty. What the story says isGallinaceous sufficient hillXie Zun of Jia of drink smooth Buddha person inviteLi JiangJade dragon snow mountainWang Lai reviews in all power of Buddha. Jade dragon snow mountainHappy accept the small Long Nv that he takes after inviting to arrive togetherGallinaceous sufficient hill. Cannot think of small Long NvGallinaceous sufficient hillHind, was enchanted very quickly by the excellent scenery in hill, as a result is answered at wanting to follow fatherJade dragon snow mountain. Jade dragon snow mountainKing be forced daughter resign to Jia Xie Zun person attend. From now on, do not put in small Long Nv of the home 's charge to be inGallinaceous sufficient hillIn cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of with great concentration, after after a considerable period of time, true body repaired arhat fruit, dragon body protects bless to wear the common people below hill, make they live and work in peace and contentment forever. Then, touch to extremely Jia Xie Zun person took " Yu Longbao cloth " name.

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