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Dali issues mountain pass

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Downhill mouth is Er source dam child 3 rivers (cover Ju river, Feng Yu river, sea end river) always give water opening, also be Er source and Deng Chuan two dam child main thoroughfare and col. The hill in the west belongs to day of Ma Shan, the hill of the eastern side is Ling Yingshan more than arteries and veins, the gorge between two hill calls Pu Tuo Kong, gorge weighs Long Majian again.

Fokelore falls in the clever hill of the eastern side, a violent white Ma Chang comes out to trample crops, how many person goes surrounding do not catch, hind be subdued by the Pu Yandu of Buddha smooth stockaded village. Pu Yandu is angry and chop horse's hoof with the knife, horse's hoof turned dragon into claw; Pu Yandu uses the nostril of awl horse again, want to put on bridle to the horse, equestrian bazoo extended dragon beard however. Pu Yandu regards it as sit ride, weigh Long Ma. Below the day horse hill that Pu Yandu took even the person Ma Zuan to enter downhill mouth later, so this gully calls Long Jian, there is a hole below the foot of a hill west gully (this hole was held off when the bridge of pilot a ship into a harbour that builds downhill mouth power station) .

Downhill mouth power station prepared to construct in October 1978, in October 1984 put into production, kilowatt of installed capacity 4X1600, it is the hydroelectric station with Er source the largest county. A horizontal inscribed board of the power station " green jade is aquatic brightness " very interesting, "Green jade " , the color of since water, point to lake of Zi green jade again; "Unripe brightness " since generates electricity glow, it is water natural resources produced effect.

Water of downhill mouth hot spring is in 52 the left and right sides, give dew point discharge to amount to 0 · 03 stere / second, measure to hot spring midstream in Er source the biggest, it is the main bath place of Deng plain dam.

Because ground temperature is higher,issue mountain pass, the horsebean here is early, solstitial section can appear on the market already, sell as far as to next closing, Li JiangWhen the ground. Early horsebean sells when dish, can say a special skill that is downhill mouth. Downhill mouth is in boundary of Er source and Deng Chuan, it is a main station mouth. Add it is OK to have hot spring bath, fish having delicacy, bright Jie and vegetables and fruits of the four seasons but edible, because this is,one goes vacationing recreational good place.

Downhill mouth hot spring goes vacationing village, cover an area of 88 mus, always invest 20 million yuan, make full use of the beautiful scene of the resource of the heat of the earth's interior of mountain pass and cover Ju river, set large wait for travel project with swimming-pool of medium-sized hot spring and float, go vacationing village market room, meal, go angling, singing and dancing is an organic whole, yesDaliHeat of another large travel.

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