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Dali sea cloud is resided

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Hai Yun is resided, it is the first Buddhist temple that enters beauty spot of stone treasure mountain, be located in the stone umbrella the foot of a mountain with left door of hill of stone treasure mountain. It sits southwest face is northeast, face one green jade to be like washed sword lake, yao is rightLi JiangJade dragon snow mountain, it is outlook position advantaged. Qing KangxiDaliGovernment office is connected sentence Huang Yuanzhi to ever inscribed couplet to praise it " sword sea opens bright mirror, snow mountain lists painted screen " . Perhaps building stylist of ancient time people also comprehend this already, so ground of having sth new built a grand view scene station before the temple, stool of stone of desk of stone of the buy on the stage, kind a few insert the cloud to express Gu Bai continuously. Left still have stone step " lonely decides grave tower " wait for two bonze grave. Ancient Bai Qingfeng, shadow of pine shade tower, make the same score to tourist above all added search deep and remote seek ancient interest.

Sea cloud house is Qing Kangxi year a bonze of couplet of general of sword plain dignitary (person of Xiang Hu village) be founded, enter 3 courtyards, layer stage change is tall, although dimensions is small and position is precise, buddhist room is not much labyrinthian however outflank. The door that enter hill enters day of Wang Dian first, ascended the stairs to arrive to go up from the screen after Buddha courtyard big Xiong Baodian. Audience hall rests for Chan Yan 5 backbone carry hill type on the head. The model in the niche for a statue of Buddha inside the hall has adjoin Lu hide from view Lushenafo and that Buddha, Sakyamuni Buddha.

Sea cloud house is classics vicissitudes of life in the cloister of numerous Xin and save very in good condition one courtyard. Animal of flying Apsaras of the carven between Fang of dougong of Wu of audience hall brim, god, the grid door of elegance of of primitive simplicity is Qing Kangxi year the sword between plain woodcarving, the clever can of the elegant, composition of a picture of knife law is the model of unborn craftsman. The pensile cupreous bell inside the hall is Ming Daijia pacify 22 years (the Christian era 1543) be cast, bonze of the couplet that fasten general at Qing Kangxi 40 years (the Christian era 1701) personally fromLi JiangBuy come in the temple. All these is to have the precious cultural relic that view and admire and studies value very much.

Whole cloister is surrounded by pines and cypresses of verdant green, inside the courtyard wood of Zhi Jihua different, more appear quiet and beautiful is quiet, god of be charmed making a person gallop. Refined scholar of Gu Jinwen's person resides many poetic word couplet hung on the columns of a hall below Yi Liu to Hai Yun. Among them place of Wei of clear person how writes one couplet to give a person impression quite deep, appear humorous and humor namely, pointed out again among them artistic conception, say: "Gu Baifeng's quiet settle or live in a strange place is drunk, sweet stage shows Leng Laoseng to know. Sweet stage shows Leng Laoseng to know..
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