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Is the bed of provide for the aged that is as high as 2480 yuan every months expended after all what person will consume? The reporter interviewed know a few days ago, the consumer of 95 % above is market of provide for the aged of Kunming high end the group outside the province. The climate advantage with advantaged Kunming is being attracted with each passing day more and more " migrant " group of provide for the aged will offspring consumption, because the market develops inadequacy, first " eat crab " high-end market operator is bearing investment to reclaim the high risk of not within the foreseeable future, at the same time again many successors value this " sunny industry " , the hand that the market runs grows dance of sleeve be apt to.

"Eat crab " risk

"The distinction that wait depends on senile apartment and welfare courtyard, beadhouse, senile apartment is to be healthy old person to provide room of the life, recreational. " Zhou Yu of dean of auspicious and senile apartment is him fixed position market of provide for the aged of Kunming high end to go up " the first person that has crab " , she thinks, social admiral is at present senile apartment and confuse sth with sth else of place of traditional provide for the aged, senile apartment ought to be place of high-end provide for the aged is exclusive concept.

"The first person that has crab " those who be faced with is high risk. As we have learned, investment ran the auspicious and senile boarding house of the bank of grand sight building last year in May, have 138 bed, price is in 1480-2480 yuan / person / month / bed (contain board expense) differ, up to now, welcomed more than 150 old person only. Zhou Yu tells a reporter, if press 1500 yuan rate computation, every old person is not occupied every months namely under 500 yuan board expense cost go the 1/3 of gross income; The 2/3 that remain balances the bank loan interest that is as high as more than yuan 100 thousand every year basically quite; Deduct the expense such as personnel expenses and daily water and electricity, apartment is in deficit to run state now.

To when can calling in 5 million yuan investment, week rain calm states he is not clear.

The group outside the province is brunt is propped up

According to Introduction Zhou Yu, what auspicious and senile apartment enters is provincial it is with the scale of the old person outside the province 1: 10; What the reporter understands is evergreen the high-grade bed of apartment the consumer of 95 % above is the group outside the province.

"The group outside be being saved takes dominant place, it is the problem that consumes ability on one hand, it is the problem that consumes an idea on one hand. " week rain analysis says, what as a result of high-grade old age apartment is aimed at is the healthy old person that the life can provide for oneself, but a lot of more provincial domestic children is met when the old person is healthy its in park home " play beyond is hot " , when when the old person cannot provide for oneself, do not be willing to spend big price to deliver apartment again for the most part. Because this comes,this locality old person of apartment is he has those who pay ability, perhaps must not do it soon because of domestic feeling dispute.
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