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Our country plans to build Yunnan of classics of bridge of mainland of the 3rd A

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As the development of our country economy, increasing the goods that produces by our country carries the Europe that be transferred through endless sea route. Perhaps be in before long in the future, these goods will have a brand-new way to arrive at Europe, of coast of madder of the peace and tranquility since join of Yunnan of by way of and bank of Atlantic the East China Sea " bridge of mainland of the 3rd Asia-Europe " railroad, will shorten the route with these current goods 3000 kilometers left and right sides. On November 1, the numerous expert that comes from home the assemble Kunming, right " bridge of mainland of the 3rd Asia-Europe " conception has proof.

Bridge of the New World-the Americas joins for the hub with Yunnan 21 countries

According to introducing, on international appellative " mainland bridge " , it is to point to join the onshore passageway between two ocean, it is transcontinental, be a backbone with railroad, escape is maritime what bypass carries is convenient carry big channel. Main function is to facilitate develop sea land through traffic, shorten carriage course of development. There had been two to be called between Asia-Europe mainland at present " mainland bridge " railroad. The Guangdong coastal haven that at present the bridge of mainland of the 3rd Asia-Europe in conception is a delegate with Shenzhen harbor group for start, by Kunming classics Burmese, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, enter Europe from Turkey, arrive at Holand finally Lu Tedan harbor, traverse Asia-Europe 21 countries (contain African branch line 4 countries: Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt) , make an appointment with 15157 kilometers endlong, than Ma Liujia is being passed littoral southeast classics at present channel enters journey of the indian ocean to want short 3000 kilometers left and right sides. Bridge of mainland of the 3rd Asia-Europe passes AMBDC mechanism (east alliance, mechanism of collaboration of Mekong catchment development) the extensive ferrous road below on the west line, rise Asian south and southeast ministry connection, make whole Asia from east to on the west, from south pass railroad network to be contacted thoroughly to vast area first time of north, become our country after afterwards is upper, mid, communicate by the south East Asia, southeast Asia, South Asia, medium inferior, on the west inferior and of Europe, Africa another the most convenient the overland international big channel with safety.

Bridge of the 3rd mainland will bring more progress for Yunnan

Relevant controller introduces the organizing committee, yunnan province is located in our country and in south peninsula and department of union of the South Asian Subcontinent, with Burmese and Vietnam, Laos, direct border on, it is our country is not circled via Ma Liujia channel is led to South Asia, medium inferior, the indian ocean, enter the passageway on the way with Europe, most convenient Africa, have situation best, face the market the widest, with east alliance and the complementary sex along bridge country are the strongest, friendly association history is the longest, connect external the province with best condition. The compose of bridge of mainland of the 3rd Asia-Europe is built, the area that can develop Yunnan adequately not only advantage, bring to Yunnan unprecedented be opened greatly and expand opportunity greatly, also will decide China further western especially Yunnan is on the bridge of bridge of mainland of the 3rd Asia-Europe hub position, drive the direct confluence of our country economy and Asia-Europe mainland, extend the range that open to the outside world and deepness, rise in the round open model economic standard. The open strategy that implements mutual benefit win-win for our country makes important contribution, those who be people of country of along the line is rich make positive contribution.
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