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Kunming hides spring in emerald green lake

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What is the ground mark of a city? I feel OK to use a level: Cover any person the eye serves a plane, fly 4 hours, so theoretic the any city that he can reach China. Make the parachute on his back airborne assume a post next meaning street, after picking next unconscious eye cloth when him, like can having, the thing lets him be in with respect to resolution one's previous experience He De. This should be the ground mark of this city.

What is the ground mark of Kunming? Let a boy far away from home return the hug that feels to there is warmth? Let a traveller arrive at the greeting that feeling is enthusiasm? It is the sky of Kunming of course, bai Yunchi passes, the Kunming sky that wind having Gang sways. In dry season, the sky is bright and limpid empty spirit, without a cloud. West wind is in 30 thousand feet over sway strong, solar come down in torrents and below, without the overcast and rainy of autumn day, without the Yin Han of wintry day, as Gao Ge only prevailing strong wind has blown the sky of dark blue, only red mouth gull circles fluctuation wingtip is glisten.

1897 meters Kunming city is in altitude of pink clouds south, be in group of hill in, it is the city of highland, it is celestial city.

The four seasons left Kunming spring, kunming hides spring in emerald green lake. Kunming also is met because of powerful cold wave now and then withered, but the color that emerald green lake won't lose it however. How many city is there on this world? How many city has again laky? And emerald green lake forever not by icebound, have forever see never-failing green surround. The building was torn open build again, the road was repaired dig again, the person will go again, emerald green lake is content with the center of Kunming. Can forget street, can divide not clear Lou Qun, but emerald green lake is changeless. Annual summer has lotus to open, each winter mew returns. Our elementary school goes emerald green lake, learn to go in us emerald green lake, our university goes emerald green lake, we worked to marry parturient, taking the child to go again emerald green lake, the child of our child also can go emerald green lake.

It is us not simply these today's people, however the spirit of former days energy of 10 centuries also meets trace come again in every night. Here also is their city, their native land. The trail of lakefront, countless people once had gone, countless sweethearts are repeating the lovers' prattle that forefathers once had said below willow, countless families blossom to had blossommed countless times to smile identically piece before on the face. People goes vacationing here, take a walk here, watch the tube here, cry here or brood, saw lotus left to wither again, saw mew went again. To Kunming person, emerald green lake is the one part of the life, from go to school escape the class arrives emeritus take exercise, emerald green lake has produced too much thing, the lake water of become silent is illuminated see life, each twinkling wave is smooth the soul with person of a Kunming.
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