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Good about doing 2006 " 11 " the announcement that golden week travel works

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The holiday does [2006]7 date
Sign and issue a person: Xu Shao history

Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, xinjiang production builds large unit:
2006 " 11 " travel golden week is coming, for cogent had done " 11 " each preparation of the golden week works, ask concerned job to inform as follows now:

One, improve knowledge, high level has been done " 11 " the golden week intends the work each

This year " 11 " the golden week of the 18th travel that is real president false system. Holiday travel already was in pull move inside need, stimulate consumption, compose built the respect such as harmonious society to produce positive effect. Travel golden week works, got each district takes seriously of departmental door highly, especially various holiday travel is harmonious orgnaization and concerned branch, and travel recieves an unit, perfect mechanism of holiday travel job ceaselessly, careful plan, elaborate organization, firm is caught fulfil, travel market order is progressively and normative, public service level rises ceaselessly. But, the structural sex supply and demand that travel golden week exists is contradictory, travel safety accident and service quality are complained wait for a problem to still not allow to ignore. Should work before in serious summary on the foundation of experience, at national economy from obedience and service construction, compose builds the height of harmonious society, do work of good travel golden week further, exert oneself has been caught guide travel spending, raise public service level, abound the job such as holiday travel product, contented tourist a variety of demand, continue to come true " safe, order, quality, benefit " 4 unified targets, let numerous people spend " happy harmony, rich and colorful " " 11 " long holiday.

2, strengthen news service, adjust contradiction of supply and demand actively

Be aimed at " 11 " the characteristic that traffic is carried during the golden week and contradiction of supply and demand of area of scene of key city, heat highlights increasingly, want plan of job of formulate of as soon as possible, take effective measures, increase information to serve strength, guide consumption actively. It is to want to begin travel in time to forecast forecast job. Accurate control travel tendency of the market, ceaseless and perfect travel forecasts a system, reasonable billabong passenger source, adjust supply and demand is contradictory. 2 it is to want to develop media conduct propaganda adequately to conduct action. Use the medium such as broadcast, TV, the press and Internet actively, bulletin " 11 " the market condition of the golden week, go out effectively to provide economic information all right for the tourist. 3 it is the development that should pay attention to new product, new line and conduct propaganda. Dig hard recommend new travel recreational product, breed new travel heat, travel of contented tourist diversification consumes a choice. 4 it is to want innovation information to serve a means. Widen information serves channel actively, raise news service to cover a range, add dynamic information content. 5 it is each place and travel recieve an unit to want to open travel to refer a telephone call, offer information in time to seek advice from a service. Should hide in the light of blueness travel, expeditionary swim, drive oneself swim the new characteristic such as hasten heat, had made special news service, avoid a tourist blind go on a journey.
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