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Dali logs onto double bequest directory scenic spot

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A few days ago, in directory of provision of double bequest of first Chinese nature that in the country construction ministry releases and culture, "Dali scenery scenic spot area- - nature of dark green hill and Nanzhao culture involuntary discharge of urine are put " on a list of names posted up famous.

"Dali scenery scenic spot area- - Cang Shan nature and Nanzhao culture involuntary discharge of urine are put " by natural heritage and culture bequest two parts are comprised. Natural heritage is region of dark green country; Culture bequest by Chong Shengsi 3 towers, too wait for composition with Tie Zhu of area of grotto of city relics and Nanzhao moralization tablet, Shi Zhongshan, Nanzhao, be located in county of Bi of Dali city, overflow, sword plain county, cover to cross prefectural churchyard respectively, the area amounts to forty thousand six hundred and twenty-five hectare. Nature of hill of Dali dark green and Nanzhao culture involuntary discharge of urine are put have " wind, flower, snow, month " 4 old wonderful view, "Hill - Gu Cheng, tower - rural - laky " alignment of landscape of downy landscape city, this permeated the idea of aesthetic of Chinese traditional landscape already, more body reveals Chinese tradition " day person syncretic " the marrow of philosophical thought, the downy landscape grand sight with the synthesis of landscape of natural person article that forms large scale and world peculiar place.

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