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The historical mission that Li Jiang travels

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Fulfil national tourism bureau to be encircled about making zoology of lira of big sweet case travel to be carried out seriously, government of provincial Party committee, province about doing big Li Jiang, Li Jiangjian the core that travel of lira of Cheng Daxiang case encircles and demonstrative area, municipal Party committee, municipal government does poineering work about boosting tourism 2 times, the strategy that compose proposes the travel distribution centre with set Li Jiangjian city of culture travel name, important and requirement, municipal Party committee, municipal government decides the organization was carried out " walk into big sweet Gelilawen to change travel " make an on-the-spot investigation cover an activity. Its purpose is to make clear further the concept of lira of big sweet case and culture travel resource, li Jiang is making travel of lira of big sweet case encircle medium actor inferior position, enlarge Li Jiang to be affected mediumly in this one area further, the concerned matters concerned that makes group of tourism of lira of big sweet case hand in hand and brotherly state city undertake consulting, enter lira of big sweet case to create a condition for Li Jiang. In making an on-the-spot investigation, I experienced the tremendous potential that lira of big sweet case develops deeply, li Jiang and the close relationship of area of lira of big sweet case, and the principal port that lira of big sweet case travels to develop further to Li Jiang.

Lira of big sweet case: The virgin land with an infinite foreground

Area of lira of big sweet case, it is to show plain of another name for Yunnan Province hides 3 provinces area to hand in collect an area. It reachs Lin Zhi area of Tibet on the west, the Lu that Sichuan goes to east is decided (the upriver) that includes Min river, north comes the lid is like Er with the upperest Sichuan and Shi Qu county most north is carried (include city of Qinghai fruit the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces and Gansu Province most) of Na Duanyi part, a gleam of of Yunnan Li Jiang arrives south. If use longitude and latitude to express, it is the east longitude 94 ° , 102 ° , north latitude 26 ° , an area of 34 ° limits. The world-class travel resource that high density, high grade has here: Have the high mountain gorge that of great momentum, lofty towers aloft, have again gallop vast and mightily, the great river endless flow that Jing billows takes a bank, still have a flower everywhere, the high mountain meadow of group of flocks and herds is as laky as what be like jade like lens; Have the religious culture of shock making a person, tibet passes buddhism to hold case concurrently not only rash, Ga is lifted, the faction such as Ning Ma, the primitive religion benzene that also includes the Zang nationality teachs, additional, the confusianism of the Han nationality, Taoism, Confucianism path mix religion, the Dongba of the Naxi nationality teachs, of the west Catholic etc, built the cloister of oneself and church here, religion is covering whole area, religious spirit and humanitarian thought harmony coexist, multivariate culture is mutual and shirt-sleeve, reflect the state of syncretic of person of heaven and earth everywhere; Have of long standing and well established tea horse ancient way, broad and profound Kangbawen is changed, millions of people's yearning Xiangbala, the Yi of migratory, evolution hides the nation big corridor, the culture of system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan with disparate style is waited a moment, their jackknife crisscross, the nature that braids an area of lira of big sweet case to have dream to feel very much and humanitarian scene. Accordingly, she is called complete mankind's last Sukhavati, china is mixed the most mysteriously beautiful place. Anyhow, the rich collect of culture travel resource of this one area, massiness, assorted position is good, administrative levels is bright, its brand is having contain Troy and growth source tremendously, travel develops prospect cannot set limit to.
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