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Bao Shanchang is peaceful " 11 " the golden week will do farming special local p

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The reporter learns yesterday, "Countryside of tea of chiliad of Chang Ning of · of 2006 · China farming special local product tastes the meeting that exhibit be in harmony " will on September 28, held on October 4. This as it happens is in " 11 " the meeting exhibiting be in harmony that the golden week holds will drive oneself for Kunming and each state city the people of go on a journey, creation tastes the dish of Chang Ning farmhouse, the main chance that tastes characteristic dried fruit.

The Chang Ning that is located in upper reaches of drainage area of river of billows dark blue is having advantaged nature, geographical requirement, because this formed the beautiful nature view of strange Shan Xiushui, it is under the attention of the government sector, a travel new developed area that gives priority to a problem with green, zoology is in sadly arisen. Could there be in prosperous of chiliad tea countryside, can appreciate the charm of chiliad ancient tea already, but appreciate the amorous feelings of sea of tea of 10 thousand just; Can arrive in wet ground of 1000 mus of high mountains picnic, experience on river of billows dark blue Gaoxia makes the same score the glamour of the lake; Zoology SPA can experience in boundless and indistinct and primitive forest; Still can walk along You Lu of Xu glow guest again, appreciate on the way scene, experience ethical amorous feelings.

The most interesting is to walk into the whole nation in base of the largest walnut of 400 thousand mus of bubble, collect personally receive walnut, Chinese chestnut and fruit pine nut, collect the results of heavy. What about is when the walnut that lets grown in the city child look to often eat, Chinese chestnut and pine nut grow to go up in the tree. Play tired, can taste the feral forest vegetable such as slender acanthopanax of the dish that cultivate a head, thorn and water to boil bee of Xian Feng benevolence, deepfry benevolence, still fish of zoology of baked wheaten cake, wild Ba Zi boils earthy chicken, cauliflower to bloat the characteristic food such as soup of float of fish of meal of Gu Mi of dish bee young, winter.

You Lu is how-to

Can choose to Chang Ning from Kunming overland, OK also Liu Kong is united in wedlock. Set out from Kunming, along Kunrui the freeway walks along 514 kilometers all the time, from protect a freeway to protect be issued to lower levels of hill airport exit greatly, 80 kilometers go before the 2 level oil path along S214 line again, can arrive. Also can choose to arrive by plane from Kunming protect hill, head for Chang Ning by the car again. From protect hill to could there be to prosperous, everyday 6: 00 to 18: 00, every half hour has car of a pair of passenger transport to be given out at the same time from both sides, still have protect hill - cloud county, protect hill - face dark blue, luck beautiful - Cong Changning passes passenger transport regular bus of Jing Hong. Chang Ning has hotel of 4 stars class, accommodation is very convenient.
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