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Golf travels Cheng Lijiang another brand

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Someone says: "Li Jiang is famouser than Yunnan. " beautiful river travel has his moment for years continuously the whole nation, temperature is higher and higher, ancient city of down to Li Jiang all the year round person wave is moved, did not have Dan Wangzhi basically to divide, became Yunnan to travel truly most one of canorous calling card.

Face the flourishing that Li Jiang travels, beautiful river city leads consider the situation, calm the earth's surface travels to Li Jiang, put forward beautiful river travel to want reasonable distributing, the Gu Cheng commerce of rich product, dispersive excessive concentration, should have higher quality, develop to high end, give priority to from sightseeing to go vacationing recreational change... for this, our newspaper begins to roll out from today " see Li Jiang travel again " series report, will relatively reader of systematic development region sees Li Jiang travel again together, the new trend that the Li Jiang that tries to solve a reader to pay close attention to travels, new question.

Before 5 months, li Jiang the golf things inn of open of person of the first family property did business formally also. Current, the industrial catenary rudiment that a service moves at golf is being formed in Li Jiang.

Golf brings opportunity of numerous obtain employment

Xiaohe such caddie, salary of every months has 250 yuan only, but fee income can have nearly 1000 yuan. Under photograph comparing, the coach's income is some higher, collect fees hourly all be in 100 yuan, 300 yuan between. On extension line of the road in beautiful river snow mountain, have the golf things brand shop that person of one family property opens, inside besides offer golf articles for use, still lever of maintenance, ball is rented wait for a service. The person that can play golf in beautiful river this locality is not much, practice of this brand shop 5 months income and expenses just can keep balance. Form golf industry chain 8 years

The Yang Bai of brand shop says, the famous travel city on world of in every case has golf market and golf industry catenary, singapore, Switzerland is such also, because of this his development to brand shop foreground has hope very much.

Current, a golf is played in Li Jiang, 5 the cheapest hours 200 yuan. "Although there is the consumptive group of a few people only now, but I believe, be in in the future a few years, the person that Li Jiang plays golf will be increasing, the market of golf things also is met bigger and bigger. " Yang Bai says self-confidently.

Make another brand of Li Jiang

And in last few years, li Jiang also makes soft actual strength in exert oneself. From some earlier the Naxigule of moment, Li Shuijin arrives dene later " a thousand li walks along Chan Qi " , " impressional · Li Jiang " . From Shenzhen Lai Lijiang plays countrywide golf the Zhang Zong of party of meeting general manager says to the reporter: "Li Jiangfa exhibits golf to move, actually namely the another brand to develop Li Jiang. " the brand is much, the product is much, the person that come here had more choice room, lai Lijiang's person has those who see a landscape not just after, also have those who play golf.
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