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Yunnan travel purchases a directory greatly

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Yunnan go

Common weighs Yun Zi, for articles of tribute of bright Qing Dynasty, already had history of hundreds years, it is the go high-quality goods that domestic grandfather identifies, the characteristic is Bai Zi appreciably takes verdure, sunspot is deep blackish green actually, tenacity is good, do not feel comfortable, famous product has " Yun Zi " and " always prosperous " two kinds of brands. Should buy Yunnan go but big market and inn of each arts and crafts.

Woodcarving handicraft

With handicraft of etc of all sorts of animals that more precious timber carve makes, figure, of primitive simplicity and chic, also be the thing that loves by the tourist. If having fun at, you can like a choose and buy to was brought back according to your, taste as interior decoration, their characteristic should be very sufficient, relatively woodcarving handicraft of concentration point of sales is market of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, the 2 numerous handicraft that are road of emerald green Hunan inn.

Sa Ni registers a bag

The woman that scatter the Buddhist nun possesses the nature that loves the United States and skill of elegant and manual tailor, suffer embroider of global tourist gay to hang packet of classic that is them fully. Its since lives one kind appliance, also be a kind of elegant ethical folk handicraft, hang the design of the bag and cross-stitch work skill, have full-bodied ethical characteristic and local color, it is Yunnan minority hangs the delegate in the bag, ever won award of national travel product.

Kunming glass is drawn

Kunming glass paints the sororal picture that is Kunming feather picture. The personnel that make presses the pattern that has designed, undertake turning over a picture on glass, use a variety of painterly ability methods such as traditional Chinese painting, canvas, gouache, behave the content such as water flea of scene of mountains and rivers-land, famous places and historical sites, birds and beasts, beautiful flowers and grass, besmear again after the picture is good a lacquer, whole finally back cover.

Wax printing, plunge into acquire product

Wax printing and plunge into catching is in Yunnan a certain number of planting the way of popular traditional printing and dyeing in the nation, both principle is similar, distinguish somewhat on craft. Mix with wax printing plunge into the hanging that catchs craft to be made, other handicraft, characteristic of extremely rich people, get the favour of domestic and international tourist greatly all the time. If the tourist wants to buy, but to inn of arts and crafts and each big market goes, road of in addition emerald green Hunan has a certain number of shop to specialize in this kind of commodity.


Yunnan old praise weigh stannum, all sorts of handicraft that refine with stannum also are very pretty good, especially tin wine is provided, tea service, and stannic picture, the exterior is elegant, be like lens brightly, part is economic it is a suit with adornment. Inside city big market and inn of each arts and crafts all have sell.
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