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Dali tourism group promotes travel quality

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"Before the tourist of summer vacation time recieves a quantity to compare this year a few months have growth, but, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop somewhat, the reason is many sided. " Su Jun of manager of department of development of layout of Dali tourism group the statistical number of area of 3 towers scene is the yacht company with group subordinate and · of temple high emperor exemple: This year in July, the tourist of area of 3 towers scene recieves yacht company and · of temple high emperor the quantity is mixed for 130 thousand person-time respectively 150 thousand person-time, than last year the corresponding period decreases respectively 30 thousand person-time and 20 thousand person-time.

Objective analysis tourist recieves a quantity compared to the same period reductive reason, it is as me province travel industry grows, travel product grow in quantity, tourist billabong arrives burgeoning travel scene area; The 2 Sichuan that are photograph adjacent, Guizhou attacks in force market of summer vacation time, race to control share of a few markets; 3 it is a part viatic business is right " one cartoon " sale system has understand and get used to a process, bring about group volume to decrease. Affected Dali not only this at 3 o'clock, still dot of area of partial old scene appears accordingly the state that summer vacation time travels very much to be like person meaning. But, depend on each other of misfortune good fortune, from long-term in light of, discover the problem is helpful for the settlement of the problem more earlier.

"The best method that faces up to the current situation is seek an account from him body, find out a road according to tourist demand. " Su Jun is analysed, the tourist takes travel character seriously more and more, scene area dot wants to just try from this respect make an issue of. Dali tourism group captures travel " do poineering work 2 times " good luck, the business that has doinging has: Change spot of extend scene area, abound travel content, promote culture connotation, perfect travel serves, declare area of scene of A class above actively, increase strength of propagandist sales promotion.

Su Jun told 1 bagatelle. Line of groovy gold of travel of northwest of another name for Yunnan Province is the journey of 7 days of 8 evening, the time that keeps in Dali is 1 commonly. 25 days to 1 . 5 days, time weak point is the fact that does not dispute, but what Dali person can do is as far as possible this paragraph of timeline reasonable, take a tourist to watch the most beautiful scene, the experience has representative ethical amorous feelings most, experience the travel service that provides human nature to change most, let a tourist play to remember Dali, will still want to come. Current, the group is considering to build the closest from Gu Cheng Er sea commercial and transportation center, think method shortens the time of the amuse oneself on water, facilitating tourist plays more to one's heart's contently on land.
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