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Yunnan travels bound head is pushed plain south circuit

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The scene area such as happy Shandafo was not damaged basically

From last week 6, sichuan province is started in the round restore Le Shan, cool hill to wait for market of travel of 13 city state, the part is started restore market of travel of the Chengdu City. Sichuan province is I save the tourist's principal home to swim destination, of this one message pass industry of Yunnan of sell one's own things very glad, express to be able to be released as soon as possible in succession form a delegation information, attract a tourist to go to Sichuan travel.

Circuit is pushed at present plain south

Zhu Baiwei of general manager of travel of Kunming scene nation expresses, had understood the word that opens afresh to area of Sichuan part scene from news media, travel together as tourism group, feel glad for this. Sichuan is the province with a very large area, travel scene area is very much. Earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is opposite actually plain south tourist attraction infrastructure has ruinous effect hardly, can recieve normally. Concerned branch is affirmatory and timely open, also be Sichuan tourism aseismatic save oneself must, this moment forms a delegation go to plain, also be the support of pair of Sichuan people actually. The summer vacation time that Kunming scene plans to choose route of a few Sichuan next swims, look according to open limits, at present cosmopolitan concentration is in plain the scene area south. Estimation group League membership dues won't go more than year of the corresponding period, this basically sees traffic cost. The person that if this time goes,Sichuan travels is little, traffic is cheap, so cost can be compared only the corresponding period is low last year, and, low also is helpful for Sichuan travelling external sales promotion.

He Wei of general manager of international of elder brother brigade says, travel agent respect is met the deploy according to the government, combine market condition, support the development that Sichuan travels actively. If the near future forms a delegation, it is certain to can have on circuit adjust, main concentration is pushed plain south travel market, this part suffers an earthquake the impact is little, security has safeguard. The individual thinks, the reception that whole Sichuan travels measures the level before wanting to restore shake, the likelihood should use a year of time of half.

Li Rong of vise general manager represents black force in Yunnan, compared to the same period last year this moment, the tourism group that sends Sichuan occupies whole company country to swim of the quantity that send a group 20% the left and right sides, of market of Sichuan part travel new and open, it is a favour of course to travel agent. But because fear a lot of tourists still cannot be accepted in mentally,go to plain travel, form a delegation so the respect may compare difficulty.

Yellow dragon of 9 stockaded village was not damaged basically
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