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3 cast financing measure to aid Yunnan to travel 2 times to do poineering work g

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"Yunnan tourism should develop greatly, must hold to governmental dominant and big project to drive the strategy of development. " when Liu Jianhua of secretary of tourism bureau leading Party group is accepting a reporter 8 days to interview, the province discloses, "Yunnan travel is increasing the solvency that cast be in harmony to spend a respect hard, ability strives for the great progress that brings tourism. Ability strives for the great progress that brings tourism..
Liu Jianhua says, increasing investment will be Yunnan tourism in developing greatly next, a of governmental function branch main job.

According to introducing, should finish Yunnan to travel " do poineering work 2 times " target, need to invest 150 billion yuan of above at least, have innovation train of thought only, reform joins financing system, widen cast financing channel ability to come true " do poineering work 2 times " target.

It is to attract financial orgnaization capital actively to participate in travel project investment. 2 be make tourism cast financing platform. Want to establish the tourism that reachs state city from the province to join financing company, attract social capital to participate in travel project with this. 3 it is active exploration searchs travel to invest capital from capital market. If make an enterprise appear on the market directly, current and provincial had had Li Jiang travel and world gain share, give aid to company of travel of a few potential appears on the market again later, enlarge the financing dimensions of this domain. On the other hand, can explore hair traveller to swim industrial lottery and bond.

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