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Yunnan travel did not suffer Sichuan earthquake effect

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Yunnan province tourism is being answered relieve the people in disaster and display love to disaster area while, each beauty spot, travel agent welcomes a plan ground of in an orderly way is begun. On May 22, a controller of market of be assigned personal responsibility for tells bureau of Yunnan province tourism the reporter, tourism of 1-4 month Yunnan grows with photograph of the corresponding period is smaller than having last year this year, yunnan tourism was overcome overlook the adverse effect that saves earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River to bring, open up a lot of new travel lines, movement of market of complete province travel is at present normal.

Yunnan visits vice president of Kang Hui travel agent piece dawn accepts a reporter when interviewing, say: "Sichuan earthquake is local to the influence of Yunnan, to assure everybody's safety, do not increase a burden to the government, travel agent cancelled to send the group toward Sichuan, tourists also cooperate quite and give forgive. Tourists also cooperate quite and give forgive..

Tourism is a flimsy industry, it can get politics, economy, natural disaster the influence that wait. Travel agent all the time since have meet an urgent need beforehand case will answer to wait for sudden incident to resembling earthquake, seismic sea wave, mud-rock flow, meet later the safer line with open up new more, pay attention to humanitarian consideration and resource easy more measurable. Ensure tourist garment, feed, live, row, especially traffic, communication must understand. Piece dawn says, yunnan and Sichuan are adjacent province, collaboration of two ground past is very much, resemble channel of 9 stockaded village, Jiang Yan these travel tourist attractions cannot be replaced, it is enough is absorbing, its appeal won't be reduced because of the earthquake. Now and other places of plain of short of Wenshui River, north plain because of the earthquake this half an year may be affected, but these places already by the person hep, rebuild after calamity, after restoring, for certain a lot of people travel, like will resemble beautiful river earthquake, form travel " blowout " .

Mr Zhang says, cannot go disaster area travels, go to other place, also provide disaster relief to Sichuan reduce a burden. Treasure is become, the line that become elder brother cannot go, line of expensive elder brother and shipping are possible, move and welcome the job of Yunnan travel market everything is normal, yunnan welcomes global tourist presence!

Disclose to the reporter to coming from senile couple of the United States, they like China very much, especially Yunnan. " the horizon that disappear " depicted a beauty to Hesperian and mysterious place- - sweet case lira. They are attracted from los angeles, yunnan came before 5.12 earthquakes, arrive from Dali Li Jiang, arrive from sweet case lira on the west double edition accept, they took the hill landscape water of Yunnan almost. Kunming is to give them to leave deep impressional town, they think the folkway of Yunnan is very good, the service level of tourism is very good, the tourist guide is very enthusiastic also.
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