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Yunnan travel puts a song yuan in relief " terraced fields "

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Yuan the core area that open terraced field is terraced field of Ha Ni of Yunnan province red river, also be whole the substantial of terraced field of sad prison hill. Yuan element of open terraced field has an area capacious, distributing tall, fall big, vast the good name of grand, of great momentum, have admirable representative. The terraced field that you see that cascade fold from altitude 144 meters red riparian edge is desultory winding outflank at 1000 big pool in 10 thousand mountain, up outspread support to slope of many meters 2000 half way up the mountain. Their seem grows anguine dance blast, vast and mighty; Resemble day ladder be high up in the air, direct horizon; Fall like the day blue waves, weiwei is grand. Dam of dam of the cropland that breath out the Buddhist nun, Home Yi cropland, Dai cropland dam... independent departure, interweave each other again, with mountain peak and confluence of sea of clouds, form strong prospect of beautiful sad prison hill. These terraced field can hit millet of a few stone big, small as dustpan general. Or square or round, be like the crescent moon that bend a turn, resemble winding long snake, appearance of it may be said each different, 1000 appearance 100 condition. In the birthplace of this cloud and mist, terraced fields and the Hani nationality " dawdle room " also as irregular change drifting the cloud boundless: When cloud and mist comes over, from time to time is silver-coated, from time to time is shown again " the truth of sth. " , magical and wispy, spectacular...

Stand before the terraced field like uncanny workmanship, silent view and admire sad prison hill when the sculpture of that unapproachable, wonderful artical excelling nature is artistic, you can experience yourself uncontrollably is how insignificant, thereby unfeignedly exclaim those " mountain ridge sculptor " infinite wisdom and great mighty force -- what they use is farm cattle is mixed only a few simple hoe, plow make smooth with a rake!

In the environment that the terraced field that breath out the Buddhist nun is in an exceeding harmony, yuan in relief 1700, between 2000 meters of altitude, scattering by " dawdle room " mountain fastness of the Hani nationality. With Ha Ni mountain fastness is a center, its bottom is the layer upon layer terraced field of length and breadth of land, upside is thick fountainhead woods, meantime has the conduit between the hill of thousands of and gorge river river, peak throughout the year in a steady stream of constant spring from above to below conveys ceaselessly village, terraced field, in infuse river river, formed sad prison hill to have distinguishing feature extremely thereby " forest, village, terraced fields, Jiang He " 4 degrees of people that are the same as compose and the ecosystem that coordinate development naturally highly and distinctive landscape.

The early morning of wintry spring, stand in look as far as one can of big public house of scaling ladder of Yuan Yangshan city east look into the distance from a high place, but see swing on gorge swing one side slope to be carved to make the terraced field of tens of thousands of, from river of abstruse hemp chestnut stockaded village all the time up outspread to high Yuan Ping road above, be as high as hundreds class. Its vast and mighty situation, exclaim making a person, make the person shakes.
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