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Target of Kunming travel job takes abroad settle or live in a strange place cert

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"The travel of Kunming city works this year the target is to ensure welcome abroad visitor 800 thousand person-time, travel gross earnings finishs 18 billion yuan of RMBs. " hold yesterday Kunming city travel worked 2008 on the conference, huang Junfeng of director of bureau of Kunming city tourism points out, kunming is abroad last year tourist 713 thousand person-time, grew 0.84 % only, apparent under other travel city. For this, how to enlarge Kunming travel to be opposite the appeal of abroad tourist, become one of focal issues that both sides of politics look forward to pays close attention to yesterday.
Market of culture alley foreigner may go tourist attraction
Huang Junfeng points out, recieve 800 thousand person-time to ensure Kunming city is finished this year abroad tourist, while governmental respect been catchinging great travel project to build, combine those who increase travel and culture strength, raise Kunming travel internationalization to serve a level. For this, will accelerate push work of product of travel of translate into of social natural resources, pack roll out city of tea of street of culture alley foreigner, peace and happiness, Yunnan great theater, one imprints the urban travel such as civilian house visits a site.
For this, kunming city will capture an Olympic Games this year year good luck, strengthen sales promotion of abroad conduct propaganda further, will defend in phoenix of Chinese Hong Kong since May 1 inspect roll out conduct propaganda of advertisement of Kunming travel figure; In the meantime, the key engineers the conduct propaganda of pair of Korea, India and Russia market; In addition, still will around make Kun Manguo time travel passageway, strengthen the travel cooperation with country of along the line actively, develop bilateral travel market jointly.
Linkage periphery makes folk-custom travel line
"Kunming should popularize him to abroad tourist, want to make clear them what to like above all. For instance, euramerican tourist is right humanitarian kind travel product is interested, and southeast Asia tourist is right the natural scene of Yunnan has a special liking. " Kang Hui analyses Yunnan in Suya of tourism group vice president, kunming should attract abroad tourist, be about to specific aim ground makes good folk-custom amorous feelings and natural scene these two pieces of cards.
Su Yazhong introduces, understand according to its, compare the Dali ancient city before Cang Shan, ancient town of the Nuo Deng Guzhen that a lot of Euramerican tourists prefer raw ingredient of former juice of backside of dark green hill and sanded brook, this is the appeal of folk-custom. For this, su Yazhong suggests, kunming should attract abroad tourist, can linkage Dali, Li Jiang, medium pasture, include Chu Xiong inside, make a shirt-sleeve the Han nationality, the Bai nationality, the Naxi nationality, Tibetian, the Yi nationality the course of travel of high-quality goods folk-custom of a variety of nation amorous feelings.
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