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Dali tourism industry to a new level

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Years, I adhere to the project the state as a leader, to deepen the reform as the driving force, tourism economy continues to remain stable, a good momentum of development. The state received 353,000 visitors from overseas tourists, up by 11.47%; tourism foreign exchange income $ 104,664,700, up 14.5%; domestic tourists 11,059,200 passengers, up by 19.99%; tourism revenues 9.226 billion yuan, up by 26.07%. January-February, 2010, 37 114 people overseas tourists, up by 10.02%; of foreign exchange earnings $ 8,302,100, up by 11.48%; 2,217,800 people received domestic tourists, up by 11.98%; 1.51 billion total tourism revenue, up by 13.8%.

Tourism major projects steadily. Large cable into the full range of Dali Cangshan construction plans completed in October this year; Heqing Xinhua Village, Silver Water A jury assessed by the state 4A level scenic spots, Three Pagodas completed 5A level scenic spots before the preparation of the final assessment and acceptance; Bin Scenic River Gyejoksan infrastructure project is completed the examination and approval, project funding in place; International Hotel Dali, Dali and the World Carnival (including the five-star hotel), Erhai Tianyu Hotel, steady progress in building high-end hotels; Xizhou town, double-gallery leisure tourist resort, cultural and ecological tourism Xi'er River corridor, Eryuan geothermal development and construction of the country to achieve substantive results, "Xiyi of Dali" performance of real large-scale construction projects progressing smoothly.

Travel management system and operational mechanism innovation. Further improve the organization of tourism associations, the city included in the inn bar areas, modify, and improve the industry "self-discipline Convention"; in the formation of the development of the tourism industry on the basis of the three major platforms, have established a guide service company in Dali, Dali FIT Dali tourism center and electric vehicles operating company, to enhance the quality of tourism services break a new path.

Continue to strengthen tourism promotion. High-quality national festival held in March Street, the second China International Orchid, Camellia Exposition, Eighth China Arts Festival and the first photographic film Dali International Council of Erhai Lake in open sea section, Juglans sigillata Day festival and a series of influential activities; success and co-organized Lucky Airlines "Beauty is in the Dali" cultural characteristics of air Awareness Month activities; organization of tourism enterprises to participate in the Shanghai International Tourism Fair, Tourism Trade Fair in Dalian and Kunming China International Travel Fair, China Kunming International Culture Tourism Festival, the Straits Tourism Expo in Xiamen, Chongqing, western China's first Tourism Fair, "even the rationale for Celebration" (Dalian, Dali, Datong, Daqing) four to publicize the promotion.

Tourism to further strengthen market supervision. Area of the state to regulate and ticket price regulation, introduced the "tour to visit the Dali Interim Provisions ticket price points."

Introduction of internationally renowned hotel management company with brand new progress. According to the state tourism industry to upgrade the requirements of the Erhai Lake in the construction of Horizon Hotel, Dali International Hotel, the China Hotel, Crystal Plaza, Heqing Silver Water Hotel, Midu Masson Hotel, 6 high Hotels in Lake Erhai Tianyu Hotel Intercontinental Crowne Plaza Hotel has reached a preliminary agreement the management company, Heqing Silver Water Hotel and Hong Kong Metropark Hotel Management Company signed a management agreement with Midu Masson Hotel Jin Jiang International Hotel Management signed a management agreement for my state to enhance the star level hotel management to fill the gaps.

In 2009, the province's tourism, the General Assembly, the provincial government granted me state "second pioneering advanced group travel," "open up the domestic tourism market Contribution Award", "open up the overseas tourism market Contribution Award" and "Contribution to Economic Development Tourism Award" number of awards.

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