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Dali / sheet of Shuang Fei of double edition accept lies 6 days on the west 5 ev

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Travel season counts: 6 days give round date: Give a group to update time every day: 2007-06-08 19:24:19
Market price case: ¥ : 3630 RMB shows price pattern: ¥ : 3230 RMB saves amount: ¥ : RMB

Date traffic journey / visit tourist attraction have dinner to lodge
The 1st day of Kunming receives a group, sign travel contract, enter a public house. Swing. Kunming
The 2nd day of trailer coach, plane comes early by plane Dali, watch sea of Cang Shan Er, appreciation by luxurious yacht in the morning singing and dancing of the Bai nationality, sample 3 tea (one suffering 2 sweet 3 aftertastes) , road You Xiaopu Tuo or avalokitesvara cabinet, island of Nanzhao amorous feelings; Street of ancient city of temple of butterfly spring, 3 towers, Dali, foreigner. Come late by plane on the west double edition accept. Early in evening scene big
Cereal of the 3rd day of trailer coach wild elephant swims one day: Garden of butterfly house, lark, boa garden, example resembles a performance to wait. (observe wild elephant activity by cableway of rain forest sightseeing at one's own expenses) early in evening scene big
Arboretum of logical sequence of the 4th day of trailer coach Meng swims one day (China's biggest intertropical arboretum) : Garden of arboretum of logical sequence of market of dam of scene of river of billows dark blue, olive, Meng, Dai nationality. Early in evening scene big
Urban district of Jing Hong of the 5th day of trailer coach swims: Sightseeing of edition accept the city zone, You Yuan only then song and dance of base of breed of village, peacock, folk, special performance spills silvan park, graceful Buddhist nun water. Return Kunming by car sleeper late. Early in on night train
Midday of the 6th sky touchs Kunming, swing, send machine end happy tourism travel. The journey ends

Charge already contained:

Traffic- - the place in the journey makes clear Kunming / Dali / accept of the plane of edition accept, edition / trailer coach of the car sleeper of Kunming, air conditioning.
Accommodation- - between 2 stars or standard of the hotel that be the same as class (can fill the room is differred 3, 4, 5 stars hotel)
Have dinner- - standard group have dinner.
Tourist attraction- - the place in the journey lists tourist attraction entrance ticket.
Tourist guide- - accompany a conduct a sightseeing tour outstandingly
Other- - the Kunming that in containing the journey, makes clear / Dali / the airport construction of edition accept is expended and fuel surtax, yacht and travel accident insurance are expended (10 yuan / portion / person) , travel agent responsibility is safe.

Charge does not contain:
Single room of fare of storage battery of cost of cableway of aviation insurance, wild sightseeing elephantine cereal, tourist attraction, hotel is poor reach hotel phone cost, wash clothes cost, from amusement charge (like Dai song and dance cost reachs other individual to consume at one's own expenses project) .
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