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Dali - Li Jiang - sheet of solo flight of sweet case lira lies 7 days to swim

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Journey price Travel means comes loose guest round sheet lies solo flight journey 2240 yuan / personTravel of 1 day of tourism:

Receive freely machine, sign travel contract to the company, swing (square of chicken of green jade of horse of optional choose gold, east wind square. Had sampled bridge rice line and boiler chicken) . Late train sleeper comes Dali. Have dinner: Provide for oneself the train

Travel of 2 days of tourism:

Dali: Name of great fortune of? of the Shun that hold red or Du Juan date) You Er sea: Small Pu Tuo of? of Lv of stuffing  Zhen, watch scene of dark green hill, song and dance, taste the Bai nationality freely 3 tea, swim afternoon butterfly spring, 3 towers park, dali ancient city, foreigner street. Have dinner: Early in live late Dali

Stone forest - Dali - Li Jiang - train of sweet case lira double lie 8 days 7 evening swim picture Travel of 3 days of tourism:

Li Jiang. Multiply Che Zhili river early from Dali, visit. Form if the official imprints, authority presses down 44 square beautiful Jianggu cities, rambling ancient city, take you, appreciate " water of domestic home brook is circled door turn, door the scene of distinctive Gu Cheng that Hu Chuiyang surpasses Changjiang Delta. Swim all directions street, grind greatly ancient town. Enjoy have dinner of accept Xi Gule of one's own accord: Early in live late Li Jiang

Stone forest - Dali - Li Jiang - train of sweet case lira double lie 8 days 7 evening swim picture Travel of 4 days of tourism:

Sweet case lira: Li Jiang jumps by Che Zhihu gorge, of the world gorge that visits an of great momentum most- - the tiger jumps gorge, the Yangtse River the first bay (Jiang Liu comes here changeover, go straight towards Central Plains to expand view) , small in pasture dam child. A visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers of late freewill Tibetan (sample wine of ghee tea, highland barley, roasted qingke barley flour, yoghurt; Dance of the folk song that watch Tibet) have dinner: Early in live late sweet case lira

Travel of 5 days of tourism:
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